Satisfation When Buying Beneful Premium Dog Food

If you were a dog, would you like to eat the food that you put into your dog’s bowl? If you’re buying premium dog foods, then the answer is probably, “Yes.” Premium dog food companies take time and effort to create the special blends that they come up with, blends of key nutrients that dogs need. They have serious safety measures in place to make sure that the dog food that they are responsible for creating is made with real, high quality ingredients that you can trust. Next time you go into a pet store, make sure you think about what you’re buying for your dog because your dog will thank you for taking his taste into account.

It’s not just about taste, either. I read this article from the Daily Herald that proves that premium dog foods are worth the purchase price. Apparently, premium manufacturers go the extra mile by spending more money on high quality ingredients. You can trust the premium manufacturers to put their best foot forward when they get together the ingredients for your dog’s food.

Which Dog Food Do You Buy?

My dog has a particular taste. He likes the hearty and precious morsels that Beneful puts together in their blends. You can tell that Beneful cares about what they make when you take a look at their wet foods. They make a wet food called Chopped Blends that has real pieces of chicken, beef or other meats. My dog likes the Chopped Blends made with real salmon. It also has real vegetables and rice in it, so you know it must taste good.

Purina Beneful prints their ingredients right on their packaging, so you can be sure that you are making a wise choice when you buy their brand. They are made by Purina, too, which is a trusted name in the pet food industry. I always feel an overwhelming send of satisfaction knowing that my dog is well taken care of when I buy Beneful at the pet food store or Amazon. You can feel that very same way when you read this article.



Calcium And Constipation Affecting Women’s Health


Women’s Health Magazine has articles that give women the information they need to combat different issues in health. Women face issues with calcium as they age. Some women do not have enough calcium in their body. Their bones become brittle. They break easier when their calcium is low. Women love chocolate. This is not news to most people. Calcium with good absorption is exactly what a woman will need if her calcium level is low. Chocolate calcium supplements that you chew have been around for a few years. Now there is calcium in the form of gummies. The gummy flavor is a better option for people that do not like chocolate.

Women’s Health also speaks about your teeth and caring for them. The new rechargeable toothbrush such as the Oral-B Triumph Professional can help you have a better tooth brushing experience. The Professional Care 9000 helps people to get rid of gingivitis and possible tooth decay. People do have to remember to brush after meals. They need to make sure that they floss regularly too. Check out for new products for women.

Dr. Sergio Cortes says it is very important for women to keep in touch with their body. Make sure that you are regular. Make sure you avoid constipation. Constipation is dangerous to people. Talk to your doctor about stool softeners, and laxatives if constipation goes on longer than a few days.

Health Secretary Sergio Cortes raises up to the situation in Xerem

The State’s Health Secretary, Sergio Cortes was surveying Xerem and Duque de Caxias areas as they have been affected by floods and shelters that are receiving the municipal population. Due to poor sanitation brought by the accumulation of garbage in the region over the recent past, an outbreak of diseases like hepatitis A, diarrhea and leptospirosis come up as a result of contaminated water. These diseases are highly contagious. The possibility of dengue mosquito proliferation is also a risk to human health in this region. Sergio Cortes has stepped up to this situation ensuring that the state government sets up a Hydration Center at the health center of Xerem, which is already in operation. The center has 12 chairs and can serve up to 300 persons a day.


The State Secretary said that these are measures to help the municipal prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, and they are hoping for the best. State secretary has met with Municipal Health Secretary, Camillo Junqueira and the coordinator of the National Health Force Conception, Mendonca, in a meeting on the issue and they agreed the state should deliver additional calamity kits Caxias plus 3000 antibiotic tablets as a prevention against these diseases.


Health Surveillance Secretariat of State has collected the first batch of samples from seven shelters in Xerem, which were considered unsatisfactory by the Central Laboratory Noel Nutels (Lacen). Sergio Cortes has, therefore, advised the people to use bottled water for drinking and those offering donations to Xerem should bring bottled water too. The teams are disinfecting the water, and the State Government has delivered 10000 bottles of sodium hypochlorite to Caxias. State Secretary has advised his people to disinfect the water in their tanks, and food hygiene should be paramount for the prevention of these diseases.


This Situation Room is found in Xerem health post for monitoring all the health actions in the regions. The area will receive another calamity kit and people working at the shelters will be trained in identifying the symptoms of these diseases together with the quick adoption of febrile syndrome protocol informed State Secretary Sergio Cortes.


Sergio Cortes is the State Secretary after he was appointed by the president-elect Ms. Dilma Rousseff. His works and experience in the field of medicine have received tremendous recognition, and he has been considered as a candidate for the Nobel Prize by its committee in the field of medicine.

The article is recapped from Extra

Kyle Bass: The Educated Gambler

In the world of gambling, it is all about understanding the odds and placing the right bet at the right time. Most gamblers will say it is not about winning on a particular day, but looking at it from a wider viewing angle. UsefulStooges say that it is more about winning more bets than losing, which is exactly how Kyle Bass goes about investing. Investing, for the most part, is just another form of gambling. While it might not be with cards or dice, it is still a form of investment gambling when looking at different potential investments out there. Often times, the larger the gamble, the higher the possible payout. Kyle is constantly monitoring how the world financial market is shifting and has an eye out for larger investments that, to many, might seem like a gamble, but to an educated individual with the right eye, it is simply making an educated gamble that is more likely to pay off substantially in the end.

Wikipedia is showing Kyle is constantly looking at the different markets and he does believe that there is going to be pain for those who are investing in emerging markets. Emerging markets tend to expand when the world economy is down. This is because individuals look for inexpensive investment opportunities, whether it is in land or in stocks. With the value of the U.S. dollar, euro, yen and other currencies down, investors like to look at emerging markets for safer bets and ways to increase their overall financial potential. However, with world economies growing at improved rates, these emerging markets tend to fall by the wayside. Due to this, it is likely that anyone who is considering investing in these particular areas is going to fee a financial burden, at least for the current time. All of this makes it difficult to invest properly and to be able to find the right investment option within the emerging markets.

Now, Kyle Bass understands the world of investment rather well. He is always making investments bets some might consider to be a form of gambling. He was one of the first who identified the potential problem with the housing market crises and, due to this, he invested in the reverse side of things. So, when the housing market bubble burst, he made money on the gamble. In this kind of work, it is all about watching for signs of a market shift and hedging bets to the right location. With Kyle, all of this has proven to be rather successful in the long term. It is also why other investors who are considering making an investment into emerging markets might want to lay off, at least for the time being. There will be better times in the future.

Are George Soros and Warren Buffet The Last of The Super Successful Investors?

Will there ever be another investor with a track record of George Soros? Where ever be another investor with the almost as impressive record of Warren Buffett? After George Soros, Warren Buffett is the most successful investor of our times.

Is it over? Will there ever be another person that can achieve the returns that Mr. Soros has? Sadly it seems like the answer to that question is no. No other investor will likely ever have the success that both George Soros and Warren Buffett have achieved in their lifetimes. I recently read an article in MarketWatch, that compared these two billionaire financiers with stellar records to America’s favorite baseball player, Ted Williams. It seems a Ted Williams was the last baseball player to ever be able to hit .400 in a season. Mr. Williams achieves this average way back in 1941 and no one has ever been able to match it again. This is the reason that the article paints Ted Williams, George Soros and Warren Buffett in the same light. The point being that like Ted Williams George Soros and Warren Buffett have created track records that most likely will never be repeated again.

There is book that was written by Stephen J.Gould attempts to try and explain no other baseball player has been able to achieve the same record. The book was written in 1996 and the name is,”Full Hous: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin.” In it Mr. Gould argues that the reason the Ted Williams’s record cannot be achieved again is because performance in baseball has improved over time. Namely the pitching has gotten a lot better along with some improvements in equipment.

If we transpose the baseball analogy to the world finance we can easily come to the conclusion that the playing field in the global markets has also evolved great. We can also conclude that the players, called investors in this case, have also increased the quality of their performance. But what has probably changed the world of global financing and the markets the most is technology. Even the average investor has the world’s information in the palm of their hands nowadays. Basically the curve has changed and it makes it so much harder to be way ahead of the curve. George Soros has seen tremendous achievements since the 1960s.

The Global Markets have a major player in the mix nowadays that practically did not insist in the financial world back in the 1960s and that is course China. Mr. Soros said in a speech to an economic forum in Sri Lanka recently that China is due for a major correction. The habitual pattern of the devaluation of their currency continues to send ripples throughout the financial markets and his been a negative force that creates more volatility.

Since 1979 George Soros has been a very substantial world philanthropist. He believes in freedom and open society that enjoys the opportunity to help advance these causes. Mr. Soros has recently stated that the European Union may be in great peril. He agrees with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s assertion that the Middle Eastern migration crisis could indeed be the catalyst for the collapse of the European Union. Mr. Soros back ground of having to take refuge from the Communist Party in Hungary and migrating to England has greatly increased the sensitivity to the issues of asylum-seekers. Mr. Soros has also of late made known his comprehensive plan to deal with this crisis.

Why Securus Technologies Has The Most Awesome Technology For Correction Facilities

The world we are living in has a constant security threat which necessitates systems that are very reliable and effective. When it comes to the overall inmate communication monitoring and data analysis tools for corrective facilities like prisons, Securus Technologies is the most reliable company that has the most reliable technology. In December 2015, the company made an announcement that it has upgraded its major data analytical tool so that it becomes the most reliable tool in the US corrections market.

The recent redesigning was able to upgrade the user interface to work with the latest and most reliable, patented web-based technology that does not in any way tamper with the powerful analysis that users are used to. The redesign makes THREADS 3:1 very easy to use and having an enhanced system performance. Speaking during the relaunch announcement, the company management said that it worked hard on the relaunch so that the result will have a better and streamlined interface, without having any unnecessary system actions. The management also said that the technology has better-equipped record loading, navigation as well as search function. Users of the app on Google Play agree as the reviews are raving.

The technology was also shifted from the Silverlight platform to HTML 5. It also has the unique abilities to integrate with other Securus products like the Secure Call Platform. The much easier to use inmate phone calls platform is tailor-made to be able to provide investigators with a better and proactive tool that can come in very handy in their investigations. The company also did an awesome thing to create a very powerful tool that requires very minimal training for users.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. It is worldwide known and respected brand when matters related to having the most reliable tools for detecting, identifying as well as reporting funny inmates correlations, calling and communication suspicions are concerned.

On top of that, the company has the most reliable technologies that can be relied upon by incarcerated persons and their relatives and friends for effective communication. It has a video visitation service and a telephone service that comes in very handy when matters related to saving time and money while catching up are concerned.

As reported on a section on its website, the company charges very cheap rates for the two services. The best thing with them is the fact that they are manned and subscribed by those at home. They also allow different payment subscription payment methods therefore not limiting anyone to subscribe.

Financial Experts Are Wondering If George Soros Is Right

Herd mentality is the term used to describe how people individually in a group are influenced so much by the beliefs and/or actions of their peers that they do things individually at the same time that as a group affect everyone, including people outside of the group. Stock market changes are often influenced by “herd mentality.” When a change occurs in the global economy, a few people influence the decisions and actions of the rest. If a few financial experts or members of the media express fear or concern over a financial event, the result can often be catastrophic with the majority of investors and consumers immediately changing their habits in a variety of positive and/or negative ways. Typically, the result of a fear- or panic-based mentality is that investors stop investing as their confidence drops and they often start selling like crazy. Consumers see this trend and begin to hold on to their money more and the economy slows.

Back in 2008, several severe financial events lead to a fear-based cycle that resulted in the Great Recession. Last week, after an unsteady financial week that resulted from new predictions and announcements about China’s economy, 85-year-old investor and expert financial adviser George Soros announced that he believed that the current state of the world is very similar to the state of everything just before the Great Recession.

Devesh Kumar for The Street, asked on Sunday, January 10, whether Soros’ “Prophecy of Doom” was mostly an exaggeration or “frighteningly accurate.” The biggest problem is that emerging economies are not doing as well as predicted growth-wise. In China’s case, the value of the yuan has dropped too much, while China’s debt has increased overall as its leaders try to change the economy to one based on consumers and services instead of investments and manufacturing. The value of the yuan is expected to stay low until at least 2020. This realization has pushed a lot of investors into a state of panic.

Many experts believe that it is possible to turn some of this situation around if investors continue to invest in steady and mostly recession-proof businesses. At the same time, the world economy is not expected to grow this year and oil prices continue to drop. As a result, the global economic instability could continue for some time and expected job losses could lead to even more global economic problems.

What Brand Dog Food Is The Best?

Product quality is the first thing that you should consider when selecting nutritious food for your pet.

Gourmet foods for dogs, although a bit more expensive, use fresh ingredients that are free of preservatives as much as possible. Flavor is the number one quality that dogs beg for. If it doesn’t taste good, your dog won’t eat it. It’s as simple as that.

At Nestle Purina headquarters, tasty foods that are full of goodness or “Beneful,” have been manufactured for your picky pooch since 2001. Beef stew and soy come in dry, wet and snack flavors. Appearance and nutrition value was greatly taken into consideration. Beneful on purina brand packaging in 2007 received a Best Packaging Award.

Balanced diet bursting with flavor is spectacular to the nostril of every dog! The Beneful on brand has done just that. It’s one of the favorite brands in the dog food market. Pet owners love the quality, and dogs adore the flavor. Beneful is great for sensitive dogs that have food allergies; it’s healthy, nutritious and very much energizing.

Healthy foods have Richard Thompson so excited in the brand of dog food he represents. His manufacturing chief eats a sample in front of the camera in one of the ads for the company which makes Chicken and Turkey flavored gourmet dog food.

There’s refrigerated pet food, almost fit for humans, made from salmon and lamb. The pet food industry is now over $23 billion dollars and still growing. There’s also a huge market for personalized dog foods and snacks opening up. Fruits such as cranberries and blueberries are also being introduced into the dog diet. Included are duck jerky and burgers for dogs. What’s next?

Whole grains and vegetables have already been part of the main ingredients for dog foods of Beneful, but now so have organic components. Sales for the dry and wet dog food market are expected to explode to over $1 billion very soon. Senior dogs are the ones who can benefit from custom made dog food these days, as Coconut is introduced into the process of making easy to digest foods.

Darius Fisher: Online Reputation Guru

Online reputation is extraordinarily important in today’s society. Finding information about an individual these days is as easy as a click away on your favorite search engine. When protecting your image online or even recovering it, there are certain agencies that can assist in the effort. One of these companies that is showing exponential growth is a company called Status Labs, co-founded by an ambitious entrepreneur named Darius Fisher.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company designed to help professionals and businesses polish and clean up their search results and online profiles. With the world promptly adopting the internet as the primary source of media and information, it’s vital for companies and individuals to have a spot-free online profile in order to grow sales and to be trusted by all onlookers.

Darius Fisher is the perfect example of someone who has risen from a slightly broken past and has created an incredible growing company that helps other do the same. Prior to co-founding and building Status Labs, Fisher worked as a political consultant and copywriter, and graduated from Vanderbilt University.

When speaking about the importance of online reputation Fisher Said:

“As an executive or a business owner, what shows up in your search results affects your bottom line”
-Business Wire

He also has told accounts of high profile clients who have gone through personal trials and tribulations such as divorce and shared his company’s strategy in rebuilding these individuals’ reputations by creating online campaigns designed to focus on their accomplishments and positive career achievements. By creating such positive information flow, Status Labs can help rebuild search results for even the most high profile of companies and individuals.

The Oscar Pistorius Trial

Oscar Pistorius is a leading South African runner with a disability ,who received much attention for participating in various Paraolympic Games, as well as the 2012 Summer Olympics.

On February 14, 2013 Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend model Reeva Steenkamp in his Pretoria home. He insists that he thought she was an intruder.

On February 15, 2013, he was arrested by the police, and officially charged with murder in Pretoria court
However, .on October 12, 2014, the presiding judge over the trial stated that, Oscar Pistorius was not guilty of murder, but rather guilty of culpable homicide, which is defined as ”negligent unlawful killing.”

A sentence of incarceration for a maximum of five years was imposed on Oscar Pistorius, along with a suspended three year concurrent sentence of incarceration, for a segregated careless endangerment conviction.

After just ten months in prison, Oscar Pistorius was to serve the residual of his sentence under correctional supervision. and under house arrest with a monitor ankle bracelet.

The judge determined that he was not a flight risk.

On December 3, 2015 the verdict was amended to a murder conviction. On January 11, 2016 appeal was filed in the South Africa’s constitutional court with defense attorneys alleging that, the Supreme Court of Appeals acted hastily in renouncing the facts of the primary verdict.

Presiding over this highly publicized trial from the beginning to the very end, was Brenda Wardle,a prominent and highly respected legal analyst, who has administered legal analysis for many high profile cases in South Africa and overseas.

Brenda Wardle a South African, possesses three law degrees, as well as advanced courses in Legal Principles of Crimes and Delicts of the internet.

She is currently aiming towards a Doctor of Laws Degree, with the University of South Africa examining, The Right To Be Presumed Innocent and The Burden of Proof in Criminal Procedure in the South African context.

Brenda Wardle has published quite a few articles in the South African Attorney’s Journal, pertaining to human justice.

She has also written twelve manuals for the South African Management Framework for South African public sector procurement.

The imminent release of her novel entitled To Kill A Fragile Rose, which is about the infamous Pistorius trial ,will undeniably open the window for the reader to gain insight into South African Law.

Wardle discussing the Pistorius Case