Whether you yourself are planning an upcoming surgery or someone who you love is in need of a medical procedure, surgery can be an extremely stressful situation to deal with. Even for people who have had surgery or have worked in the medical field, the shear thought of having to have surgery can evoke a lot of anxiety and stress. Most people understand the importance of a reputable and experienced surgeon but what not a lot of people think about is the anesthesiologist that will be administering anesthesia and pain medication prior to, during and after the surgery. The quality of care that an anesthesiologist provides is just as important and can make a big difference in the overall experience and success of a procedure. The professionals at Capitol Anesthesiology Association@capanesth are experienced with patients of all ages and genders. Special assessments are considered for each case in order to provide safe and effective anesthesia.


There are a few different types of anesthesia that is used by Capitol Anesthesiology and this includes regional anesthesia, general anesthesia and local anesthesia. Each serve their own purpose and some are safer than others; considering the patient. Regional anesthetic allows for less monitoring overall during the procedure but it allows the surgeons to perform their duties on a motionless patient. General anesthesia is commonly used for more serious procedures as it completely keeps a person immobile and unaware of what is going on. Local anesthesia is used for minor procedures where pain relief is needed in one specific area of the body.

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Whitney Wolfe Encourages People To Share Experiences With Each Other

A lot of people take dating extremely seriously. As a result, there tends to be a lot of pressure when it comes to this activity. One of the reasons that people often fail and walk away frustrated is that they put too much weight on the outcome. Whitney Wolfe has a different purpose with this app.

She instead wants people to actually have fun and enjoy each other’s company. Dating is meant to be an activity where people share experiences with each other and make new memories. Whitney Wolfe herself knows that people that have more fun when they are dating are more likely to get somewhere than those that don’t.

Whitney Wolfe has made sure that the Bumble app represents the fun that she wants people to have with dating. One of the best ways for people to have fun is to not blow up dating to be what it is not. A large part of this is for people to not place their sense of self worth in the outcome of the date. Instead, it is important for people to build themselves up and work on their profile so that it can connect them with people that truly want to date them and not someone they pretend to be.


With Bumble, Whitney Wolfe has made it easier for people to agree to the activities that they can do in order to enjoy their time together. A date is more than just a dinner and a movie. People could meet at anytime and even engage in more strenuous activities. It all depends on how adventurous the user is. Bumble is very good about connecting people with others that share the same interests and have the same idea of what a good and fun first date could be for them. People are very likely to win out with Bumble.

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USHealth Advisors Provide Optimal Services of Health Insurance To Any and All Applicants

USHealth Advisors are a service that is considered to be one of the top choices in its respective market. They are a BBB accredited organization that provides health insurance coverage options for any and all people who apply for it. Unfortunately, many people are not taking the initiative that is required for them to ensure that they will be enrolling in health care programs. As a result, many of them end up spending an upwards of thousand+ dollars on costs that they wouldn’t have had to if they were covered by a reliable insurance plan that truly looks out for their customers’ well being, health, and safety.


If you are unsure about whether USHealth Group are a good option for you or not, please contact one of their available customer service representatives as they will be able to assist you with your requests. There are many different types of options available regarding health insurance coverage. Perhaps one of the best aspects of attaining their services is that one can custom choose the types of illnesses or injuries that they are going to potentially be covered for. In many cases, an individual may choose to be covered for certain types of injuries or illnesses when choosing to sign up for insurance, as opposed to signing up for full coverage health insurance plans. Whichever type of health insurance plan you decide to attain, you can have confidence from knowing that USHealth Advisors offers that type of coverage.


USHealth Advisors health professionals are fully skilled, trained, and knowledgeable in a vast array of fields in the health sector. You can ask any of them a question in pertinence to either your health care coverage or other types of health concerns/matters and they will gladly provide you with an answer that will benefit you. You do not want to miss out on an opportunity of which you will be able to protect your health and future. Sign up for their services today and see if you qualify for any discounts if there are any at the time of you applying for any coverage program.

Top Reasons Why EOS Lip Balms Are The Most Popular Lip Balms Available

EOS is a lip balm company ( that has been offering high-quality lip care products for many years. They offer a full line of colors as well as flavors. Below are just a few of the reasons why EOS is one of the leading lip care companies on the market.

High Quality Ingredients

Each and every EOS lip product is made of high-quality moisturizing ingredients. Each product is hypoallergenic as well as dermatologist tested. EOS lip balms are also gluten free and many are also all organic. Each EOS lip balm is made with ingredients such as shea butter and jojoba oil which are extremely moisturizing. EOS lip balm products are made free of harsh chemicals such as parabens.

Large Range Of Flavors

One of the most popular things about EOS is the large range of unique and fun flavors they have to offer. They offer everything from sweet simple flavors such as vanilla to unique and innovative flavors such as blackberry nectar. Some of the other EOS lip balm flavors include tangerine, coconut milk, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet and pomegranate raspberry just to name a few.

Fun Colorful Packaging

One of the number one things that the founders at EOS tried to create was an interesting and innovative packaging design. Until EOS hit the market most lip balm products came in the same type of packaging and flavors. EOS offers a large variety of bright fun colors. The EOS lip balms are a unique egg shape which is both cool and convenient.

Easily Available

EOS lip balm products are very easy to get. They are widely available online and are also sold in many different stores such as Walmart, Well and Target. They are in some of the top drugstores and department stores in the world.

No Testing On Animals

EOS never tests any of their products or any of the ingredients they use on any animals.

Although there are many different reasons why EOS lip balm products are so popular these are just a few. They offer a great smooth moisturizing texture in fun delicious flavors.


Betsy DeVos a Champion For Education

Betsy DeVos is a woman of great wealth, and she has used her moneyed position for good. Her husband, Richard “Dick” DeVos was the President and CEO of the large multi-level company, Amway. Richard’s father, Rich DeVos was a co-founder of Amway and is the current owner of the professional basketball team, the Orlando Magic.

Betsy is a very hard-working and passionate proponent of the charter school movement, and the need for school vouchers, which she proposes will give more children a chance at a good education. Both Betsy and her husband have been very active in Michigan politics, their home state, and Betsy is the current nominee for the Secretary of Education, nominated by President Donald J. Trump.

Betsy DeVos is also a strong Christian and has been very involved in Christian movements for equality in schools and schools with a Christian influence. She has been criticized for that, but she claims that we live in a Christian society, as that was the basis for the founding of the United States. Her political opponents are critical of that stance, but facts are difficult to argue against, as the founders of our country cite the Mayflower Compact as one of the main examples of how our country’s original documents were to be framed.

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All of that provides great copy, but the main issue with Betsy DeVos is that her stance on education presents a blow to the current system of education in this country. Her firm stance for more choice for students blows a hole in the current system which is largely controlled by the teacher’s unions.

DeVos has been an advocate of splitting up the choices that parents have for their children’s education from the current “one model fits all” to a more diverse public and private system. Private schools who have to compete in an open marketplace would be judged by their results and not by administrators and politicians. DeVos seems to have proved her point in some of the Detroit charter schools where they have demonstrated a 90 percent graduation rate, compared to previous results of a 90 percent failure rate.

DeVos cites our public school system as a dead end for disadvantaged students, claiming that when public scrutiny can be applied to education, the result is the same as anything else that is in the open marketplace. The final judge is the consumer, not political and unionized practices.

DeVos likes to point out how the massive amounts of money that have been thrown at the educational system and the return for the huge investments have not changed much. Conversely, the results for charter schools are better when parents have the chance to make choices. A robust voucher system would create demand and choice, especially when parents and investors have full transparency in the matter.

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Understanding The Relevance Of Comparative Law In Creating Governance Systems

Getting things to work out in a government takes the effort of a number of professionals in different capacities. One of the ways through which government systems can be designed to cater for the needs of the people is first understanding the impact of different laws and methods of resolving problems. While designing a constitution, experts consider a number of possibilities and challenges that could make it difficult for them to achieve their goals while developing new laws. Constitutional development takes a lot of effort and time and would not be possible if the professionals charged with the task are not open to research and inclusion of new ideas.


Getting materials for the development of new laws could take visiting other jurisdictions for advice ad ideas. This practice of visiting other governments to learn about their laws is what is commonly referred to as comparative law.


Origin and application

The origin of comparative law can be traced back to the 18th century when some European scholars went out on a mission that was dedicated to getting new ideas that would assist them in the constitutional development process. The practice developed and has become a major specialty of law that is used while developing new laws for governments and organizations. Today, comparative law is used by governments from across the world while coming up with laws that could help its people and strengthen ties with other countries.  Visit this related site.


Many successful governments like China rely on comparative law to fuel their relationships with other countries and to offer friendly methods of trading and relating with these other countries. China has continually been offering support to the development of comparative law.  More articles on


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry works with different professionals bodies to offer solutions that have helped different governments to come up with effective constitutions and laws that are modern and designed to cater for easy resolution of issues. He is a renowned law professor who specializes in comparative law and governance methods. His input into developing other countries’ laws saw nations like South Africa get new and modern laws.


Most importantly, Sujit Choudhry has been supporting research and projects that are designed to offer solutions to the many problems the world suffers from. His research has for a long time been directed towards constitutional development and comparative law as he believes with good laws all people can access justice and any conflicts can be resolved seamlessly. For additional details hit this

How Will A Woman Benefit From Using Wen By Chaz?

Wen by Chaz is one of the most-useful shampoos in the world, and it was built for women who are looking for better conditioning products. This article explains how a woman benefits from Wen by Chaz, and it shows how she may go back to use her flat iron, curling iron or hairbrush to care for her hair. There are several reasons to change shampoos, and Wen by Chaz offers every option for the women who does not like her hair today.

#1: Brushing And Styling Use To Be Difficult

There are many ladies who are afraid to brush their hair or use styling appliances because their hair will not hold up to such treatment. They will avoid keeping their hair the way they like, and their hair will not get any better in the process. She must use Wen by Chaz that was created by Chaz Dean as he knew women wanted to care for their hair in-full. WEN shampoo keeps hair healthy enough to style.

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#2: Hair Must Be Cleaned

Many women are afraid to wash their hair because it clumps in the shower, and Wen by Chaz will help women change their hair back to something they may be proud of by using simple conditioners. The conditioner is mixed with the shampoo in the bottle, and it may be used any time the lady wants her hair to grow healthier. The shampoo will leave hair looking shiny, and women who are washing regularly will have more hair to style after it is allowed to grow.

Wen by Chaz has proven itself to be a fine shampoo, and it is far more powerful than other shampoos on the market. A woman may use the shampoo for its conditioner, and she will have more hair to work with in the near future.

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Dondero’s Foundation Announces $1 Million Grant To The Family Place Campaign

Family Place Legacy campaign’s goal was to raise $2.8 million. The fund was meant to support the construction of Central Dallas Counseling Center as well as manage its operations. With support from sympathizers, a total of $ 200,000 was raised through the year. Earlier, James, through a subsidiary of Highland Capital Management made a promise to match 50% of the amount collected through the year’s campaign. To honor his commitment, Jim announced $1 million in the course of which he gave $100,000 to match the already raised amount. He also welcomed other donors to support the initiative.

Central Dallas Counseling Center being the beneficiary of the campaign funds is a center created to offer solace to victims of violence. With the rising cases of domestic and other forms of violence, the center is designed to provide shelter, job training, counseling and treatment among other services to the victims. Having received support from Dallas mayor and chief of police, the campaign seeks to raise a total of $16.5 million required for completion of the project.

James founded Highland Capital in 1993. Before, he used to serve as the chief investment officer of Protective Life’s GIV. Under his management, the subsidiary recorded $2 billion growth which had never been attained since its establishment in 1989. His experience in the field dates back in the early years. Back in 1984, James got his first job as an analyst in Morgan Guaranty training program. Jim attended the University of Virginia and graduated with a dual major in Accounting and Finance (highest honors). Besides, Jim is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Over time, the Dallas-based business person has managed to build a great portfolio. His excellent record has seen him being involved with other successful firms. James Dondero is the Chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare, and next bank. He is also a board member of the MGM Studios and American Banknote. Although his charitable acts came to light during the Family Place campaign, Jim has over and over again supported charity organizations. Just to mention a few, Jim has been involved in numerous charity activities such as the Perot Museum of Natural Science, Education is Freedom, and not forgetting the magnificent George W. Bush Presidential Library and Institute.


Could Chronic Lung Disorders Become A Thing Of The Past?

The Lung Institute administers Stem Cell Therapy to patients who suffer from chronic lung disorders. These patients come from all walks of life but have one thing in common, and that is chronic lung conditions that limit their breathing and lung capacity to enjoy normal day-to-day activities and limit their ability to breath without limitations.

The Lung Institute has successfully been treating patients with such pulmonary disorders as COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), Pulmonary Fibrosis Diagnosis (PFD), Chronic Bronchitis, Emphysema, and other lung diseases where Stem Cell Therapy is effective in reducing the effects of lung disease. Read more stories on

According to, the process of stem cell therapy is administered as an outpatient procedure over a three-day period at any of the Lung Institute facilities.

  • Once the patient meets the requirements for the treatment they are admitted as an outpatient
  • A small amount of blood or bone marrow is removed from the patient using autologous stem cells
  • Stem cells are harvested from this removal
  • Once harvested and treated, the stem cells are returned via IV to the patient
  • The stem cells enter the heart, processed through the heart to the lungs where the stem cells immediately begin to replicate creating millions of new healthy cells in the lungs
  • Processing oxygenated blood through the patient’s entire system

The patient is monitored for the next two days to ensure the stem cell treatment has been successful. This giant step in pulmonary disease therapy will assist to improve the health of millions of people suffering from lung disease worldwide.

It is suggested that anyone interested in learning more information about stem cell therapy contact the Lung Institute at 800-729-3065. The Lung Institute has facilities in Tampa, Florida, Scottsdale, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, and Nashville, Louisiana. You can also visit the facilities that have scheduled live presentations and have your questions answered. Call the institute or visit their website for dates of the planned events and a list of the facilities that will be presenting the information.

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Why Securus Technologies is Accredited by The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

This company has a team of over 1,300 employees who provide a range of services from investigations to database management. The customer care is one of the largest branches in Securus Technologies since it responds to over 2.5 million calls every month. Securus Technologies is accredited by the BBB as the leading security services provider in the United States for the following reasons:


  • Building Trust

Securus is renowned for establishing and maintaining the positive record of accomplishment and integrity in the security marketplace.


  • Honesty

Securus adheres to honest and fair standards of selling and advertising. This company represents the products and services clearly by insisting on full disclosure on all items and materials. The firm believes in telling the truth on its policies, procedures, and any other issue that might influence the customer to buy their products. Customers’ complaints are taken seriously, especially when an employee fails to practice the ethics of full disclosure.


  • Privacy

Securus safeguards the secrets of the customers by ensuring that data or any sort of intellectual property does not get in the wrong hands. In case some weapons or cash are recovered from a crime scene, Securus ensures that these items are presented in court during the trial.


Securus technologies is one of the leading providers of security services that helps several law enforcement authorities to do their job. The law enforcement services require the help of a private security company like Securus in the following ways:

  • Assistance with forensic analyses and interpretation of data
  • Monitoring the suspects on parole to ensure that they are obeying the law
  • Administration of the right correction procedures in the jails
  • Ensuring that the house arrest prisoners are complying with the law
  • Keeping a database of suspects and criminal records
  • Preventing the suspects from threatening or contacting the witnesses