Arthur Becker, CEO, Financial Investor and Artist

Arthur Becker is the managing director of Madison Partners LLC. Madison Partners LLC, is an investment company dealing in real estate development and bio Tech ventures that are in their respective early stages. Madison Partners LLC, was founded in 2004 as owner of the equity of NaviSite.

Arthur Becker was CEO of NaviSite, beginning in 2002, and he ended that reign in 2010. However, he continued to remain on the board until 2011, when the business was bought by Time Warner. NaviSite dabbles their efforts in the technology services industry and is a NASDAQ quoted corporation. Their employees have an extensive financial background and are experts in the fields of real estate development, banking and biotechnology. Madison Partners LLC, makes it their mission to identify and seek out Technology and Real Estate companies that show potential growth. After his stint at NaviSite, he became the Chairman and CEO of Zinio, LLC, which has been named the world’s largest digital newsstand.

Arthur Becker was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1950. He attended Bennington College in 1969, and he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts in 1972. In 1973 he began studying business at Dartmouth, where he got his feet wet in real estate by relocating 18th century homes throughout New England. Although currently single, he was married for more than 23 years to Vera Wang. Getting hitched didn’t slow him down though, as he was a senior adviser for a 7 year span to his wife’s fashion company. Click here to know more.

During his lengthy marriage, he began to use his extensive Art background and showcase his talent and passion in the field by creating texture to his photographic images. His work can be viewed at the Hal Katzen and Morgan Walker Fine Art in New York and in Palm Beach, Florida, at Arcature Fine Art. Receives Funding From Heritage Group

One of the most well-known online reputation management platforms,, recently announced it had closed a round of funding from Heritage Group. Heritage has a Healthcare Innovation Fund, and that is where the investment came from. reviews platform offers organizations an automated platform that helps them address the way consumers are choosing where they go to receive care. Organizations can use the platform to monitor reviews, as well as respond to reviews. Healthcare organizations have the ability to use the platform to improve their online reputation.

Paul Wallace, the managing director of the Heritage Group, said the organization’s investor base includes hundreds of hospitals and over 60,000 physicians who are focused on providing consumers with support when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Wallace added that allows healthcare providers to improve patient satisfaction, as well as improve how they perform. He added that Heritage Group was pleased to partner with the online reputation management company.

Shrey Bhatia, the CEO and current president of Reputation, said his platform has continued to grow because of two trends in healthcare. He said the first trend was high-deductible plans and costs that escalate, which cause patients to proceed with more caution when the time comes to seek out care. He added that online data can be put to work to help with delivery of care. He said Reputation was at the center of those trends.

Reputation is expected to continue to grow. Currently they work with over 70 industries, including the healthcare industry. Their main goal is to help organizations improve revenue and improve their online reputation.

Cassio Audi Has A Special Way Of Managing Investments

Many people make investments for various reasons. One of the reasons why many people make investments is to save money for a special purpose. For many people, this purpose is retirement. The time down the road when people will want to get away from the work force and just take the time to relax and enjoy life comes at a different time for different people. Some people want to retire in their 50s while others will work into their 70s and beyond.

The time that is decided to retire is based on many factors. At the top of this list is the expected amount of money that people will have when they retire. Some people never retire or retire late because they do not have enough money to retire with the lifestyle they desire.

Investments help many people who want to retire by allowing them to earn more money over a shorter period of time. The investments provide the chance to earn more money from the investments through higher returns. Many people looking to earn retirement money look to investment professionals, such as Cassio Audi, to help them choose the best investments for them to reach their retirement goals.

Investments that are good for retirement purposes can be found almost anywhere. In Brazil, many people look to investment professionals to help them with investment decisions. A lot of this help comes from investment companies that provide investment managers to help clients with investments.

Although investment managers are always looking to find great investments, some investment managers are able to consistently provide great investments for their clients. Cassio Audi is one of these investment managers. Cassio Audi has an awesome way of looking at investments and explaining the investment process to clients.

This ability to make investment selections and convey the process to clients and associates make Cassio Audi a popular investment manager. Cassio Audi is in high demand for the level of investments that are provided.

Tony Petrelly, CEO And Active Father

Anthony (Tony) Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Incorporated since 1991. He has a J.D. degree from Harvard Law and a B.S. and M.S. degree in mathematics from Yale University.

Before Nabors, Tony worked at the law firm of Baker & McKenzie. There he focused on international arbitration, taxation, and general corporate law. He was managing partner for the New York firm until he resigned in 1991 to work at Nabors Inc. Tony has served as deputy chief for Nabors since 2003.

He also serves as a member of the Board of Trustees for the Texas Children’s Hospital. To help children with neurological disorders, Tony is an advocate for research and clinical programs that would help them. Carena, Tony’s daughter, was born at 24 weeks and diagnosed with periventrical leukomalacia. She developed cerebral palsy and other developmentally delayed issues that have caused her to be learning to eat, walk and talk at the age of 8. This is why Tony Petrello and his wife are such huge advocates for the Texas Children’s Hospital. They have donated over $5 million dollars and have already agreed to donating $7 million. They know the struggle that all parents go through and want to be there as an advocate for other parents who have children in the hospital.

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Bruno Fagali – Hiring A Competent Administrative Law Attorney

Are you wondering how to go about choosing a good lawyer? Need to find one of the best lawyers for administrative law or regulatory law in Brazil?

Bruno Fagali has great expertise in both administrative law and regulatory law and can help you resolve your legal matter.

There are several important issues to consider before choosing a lawyer. That is why it is recommended that you have a consultation before ultimately hiring a lawyer.

Set up a meeting to discuss your case in details, and be sure to have a list of questions and concerns to present to the lawyer. Also, pay attention to lawyer’s response to any issue you present. It is crucial that you are satisfied with the impression you get about the attorney.


Before you make an informed decision about hiring attorneys, it is a good idea to inquire about the background and success rate of the attorney and other pertinent details.

Bruno Fagali is dedicated to delivering superior legal solutions to clients. He advises and guides small business owners, entrepreneurs, large companies and corporations and private individuals as well. Bruno Fagali assists clients in a wide variety of issues that affect their life and their business.

Bruno Fagali is highly skilled in oral and written communication, and he is very knowledgeable. The ability to communicate fluently and confidently is essential in the court of law and helps transmit information or ideas so jurors and others can understand them.

Connect with Bruno Fagali on Google+ for the latest information.

Securus Technologies Works Hard To Make Us All Safer

Prisoners and criminals like to talk in code. Not only do they think it is cool, but they use coded language to stay ahead of law enforcement. Just think about it, even if the police officer gets a recording of a criminal talking about a certain crime, coded language may make the recording inadmissible in a court of law. That’s why it is incredibly important for law enforcement to decode the crafty language used by criminals.


Securus Technologies helps law enforcement officers crack this code through software innovations. The telephone company does exclusive business with state governments around the country. They provide the telephone call services into and out of prisons, and they record every single one of these telephone calls. Law-enforcement officers can later review these telephone calls to glean any important information.


Here is how they can use this technology to crack coded language. Say law-enforcement officers think that a person in prison is orchestrating crimes happening outside of the prison. They can listen in on the prisoner’s telephone calls to hear this coded language. They can then check the news, newspapers or their own police crime logs to decipher the coded language.


Perhaps the prisoner on the inside of the prison is telling somebody on the outside of the prison that his car needs washing. Every time this prisoner mentions that his car needs washing, the police notice that a drive-by shooting takes place. This allows law enforcement officers to get out ahead of the crime before it is even committed once they understand the coded language. It also allows a lawyer to argue to a judge that car washing is a direct order for a drive-by shooting making the recordings admissible in court. It is just another way that Securus Technologies is working hard to make us all safer.


Clay Siegall Contributions in the Cancer Field


Clay Siegall is the founder, President as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, which he founded in 1998. Clay also serves as the chair to the board of directors of the Seattle Company. Also, Clay serves on the board of trustees of Alder Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and the Washington Biotechnology and Bio- Medical Association (WBBA). He is part of the governing council of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance. Clay Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland and George Washington University with a Bachelor of Science (Zoology), and a PhD in Genetics respectively.

Clay Siegall’s career started in 1988 when he began working with National Institute of Health before he moved to Bristol- Myers Squibb. Moreover, Clay has worked with Curagen Corporation, Genentech, National Cancer Institute, and Med-Immune. Afterwards, he co-founded the Seattle Genetics.

Seattle Genetics is a biotech firm that deals with scientific innovation, research and drug manufacturing. The company specializes in research of antibody-based cancer therapies. A good example is the ADCETRIS that was approved in 2001 by the United States Food and Drug Administration. ADCETRIS has been a cure for Lymphoma patients. The Seattle Genetics, therefore, has played a leading role in antibody technologies, especially the antibody drug conjugate platform.

Under the leadership of the Dr. Siegall, the Seattle Genetics have strategized to produce more drugs by broadening the application of its drugs, and also by expanding its drug pipeline with current medications. The company’s stock price has even tripled over a span of five years, signifying the company’s significant role in cancer treatment research. Over the years, Dr. Siegall has received over ten recommendations and awards for his great job in the field.


Secrets To Building Positive Online Reputation Using Social Media

The reputation of the business is directly related to how many clients it would attract or the sales it would achieve. These days, there is a fierce competition in just about every field, and it is important for the companies to manage their online reputation well to enjoy a competitive edge over others. Social media plays a paramount role in this aspect and maintaining a good track record there can help achieve your long-term business objectives.

The first thing you need to do is to plan a social media strategy and work accordingly. The social media strategy needs to be all-inclusive, active and responsive to achieve the results. Here are the few factors that are crucial to building a positive online reputation –


It is vital to stay focused and follow the strategy and planning your first outlined. Do not get astray over time or do things online on social media that are not aligned with your initial planning or goals you aim to achieve through social media. Stay focused and stick to your plan. Anything else would prove to be detrimental.

Focus on Authenticity

Don’t think social media is a magic carpet where anything and everything can be done or accepted. Do remember that whatever you say has an impact and can have consequences. Keep it authentic and simple to ensure that you do not get rushed into the madness of social media. The energy on social media is addictive, but make sure you only emit positivity and grace.

Be Informative

Make sure that the content you provide through the social media accounts is useful, informative and shareable. If it doesn’t add value for your customers, there is no reason they would want to visit your page again. Give something to the audience that they are looking for.

Sound like an Authority

When you talk about your products, services or sector, sound like an authority and give references that make you look like one. When people know that you know what you are doing, it would add confidence to your brand and make customers trust you.

Active Engagement

Engage with your customers on social media and make it a good experience for them. Whether it is a positive or negative comment or review, talk to them and try to make it a good experience for them by resolving their queries or giving them a coupon for a good review, or just a simple “Thank you” will do.

These are the few elements that would help you build a positive online reputation successfully and sustainability in an otherwise highly competitive online market.


What Qualifies Sawyer Howitt to be an Entrepreneur

Even though he is a still in his teens, Sawyer Howitt has been on many committees. Howlitt has been the director of many philanthropic organizations that support education causes and women’s rights. Howlitt demonstrated his leadership skills in international ethnic studies groups. The teenage has been a mentor troubled teens. Sawyer Howlitt worked at Kure Juice bars to familiarize himself with the skill of customer service. The future entrepreneur will do anything large or small to help in the business world. Sawyer Howitt has been accepted into Columbia University’s fall program in the field of Entrepreneurial Finance. For the past few years, Howlitt has been a project manager at his father’s Meriwether Group business. The future is definitely bright for young Sawyer Howlitt.

Vision, Integrity, the Iterative Process and Fashion: All are Integral to Chris Burch’s Investment Approach

Chris Burch is one of those stylish entrepreneurs that has both feet on the ground with regard to his creative investment decisions. The following text provides the reader with a general idea of Chris’s sound and positive outlook, as it applies to investing, in retail products and services, that are making a notable difference now and into the future.


Fashion needs technology and technology needs fashion. This union is quite obvious and necessary—in order to produce products and services of a highly-sophisticated; yet, functional nature. In order to clarify the thought, it becomes necessary to review the past, and, think about today, in order to arrive at: what will work in the future. (Thoughts of Chris Burch—however, not verbatim.)


One example, that clarifies technology’s and fashion’s evolution—together—is the history of mobile audio devices. During the seventies and eighties, the product of choice was the Boom Box. In the 90’s, The Walkman was “all the rage.” Finally, in the 21st century, it became apparently fashionable to carry the iPod. Whatever the public prefers is what becomes popular.


Anouk Wipprecht is a designer that clearly enjoys experimenting with fashion, with an element of technology. Ms. Wipprecht states that when she does so: a truly wonderful creation is the result.


Other designers are experimenting with fashion and technology too:


Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created an airbag, worn as neckwear, for the biker. The airbag pops out when the biker is falling forward.


Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon are the designers of ‘Frontline Gloves’. The gloves allow firefighters, by way of hand gesturing, to let each other know whether it is okay to proceed forward, or to stay out of the way of danger.


SegraSegra designs Jackets and T-Shirts from materials made from recycled bicycle inner-tubes.


Emma Whiteside designed a gown made of recycled copper, originating from a radiator.


Soledad Martin works on a prototype, as it applies to kinetic energy, and shoe apparel. A walker is able to power up his cellular device while moving and wearing the shoes.


Diane von Furstenberg suggested that her models move up and down the runway, wearing Google Glass—and in doing so—established a trend.


As way of the following examples, fashion and technology are very companionable. When the two are partnered together: the world is made much safer, and the populace, in general, is more contented.


Notes Regarding Chris Burch:


Chris Burch combines intuitiveness, imagination and vision, as it applies to the investment decision-making process. He supports, not only the ideology of lifestyle brands, but lifestyle brands that make a marked difference, in improving the user’s quality of living.


Chris, over the years, has put his heart, into a great deal of successful retail and wholesale brands. Some of the brands, within Chris’s portfolio include: Voss Water, ED by Ellen Degeneres, Poppin and Next Jump. Chris has also made worthwhile real estate investments. One investment is the Nihiwatu Resort, among others. Chris has a very successful creative investment track-record. It is this record that allows Chris to remain prosperous; and engage in new and creative brands—that work well within the digital marketplace.