FreedomPop Has Internet Service For The Home At A Low Cost

It’s been a real pain to get The internet in my home, and it’s because of the high cost. I had unlimited Internet service with a great provider, but the bill was costing me around $80 a month, which I thought was just too high. I even had reports on how much Internet service I was consuming each month, and my usage came up to around 50 GB. I even stream movies online once in a while and watch videos, but yet I still barely use any Internet data. I didn’t feel the need to continue having unlimited Internet service on, especially when I didn’t need it.

I wanted to try and cut back on the cost of Internet service, so I chose to shop around to see how I could save money. One of my requirements for having Internet service in my home was to make sure that I have Wi-Fi as well. I certainly didn’t want to have to buy a router separately, even if they were low in cost. I wanted my router and my modem to be in one, so I could just hook up the modem and go right on the Internet via Wi-Fi.

I didn’t have to look around too long before I found out about the company FreedomPop. FreedomPop not only has Internet service for the home, but they have other services as well, especially cell phone service. I wanted to look into the Internet service plan because I wanted a plan that was not unlimited, and one where I could determine how much I would pay each month. I figured that any service that’s charging less than $80 a month would be a good deal, and I think I was right. I signed up with FreedomPop for their home Internet service.

Once I got the home hub from FreedomPop, it was very easy to set up. The router was included with the modem, and it was an all in one set up. The best thing about the hub is that I can connect several devices at once via Wi-Fi, so I never have to worry about overloading the system. I can also use as many gigabytes as I need each month, and I start making payments on the Internet I use over the free allotment given to me each month from the company. I know that my Internet bill will now be much lower with FreedomPop. FreedomPop has several options when it comes to home Internet service plans, and the home hub is a great way to access the Internet. The home hub allows for several devices to be connected via Wi-Fi at the same time.

Beneful’s Dog Goldberg Machine Ad an Amazing Feat

As a testament to what a healthy dog can accomplish, Purina Beneful has produced a new ad for their dog food that creates a Dog Goldberg Machine. It’s an amazing feat that is well orchestrated with multiple dogs and well worth the watching even if you don’t own a dog.
The Rube Goldberg machine idea uses a complicated series of events to accomplish a simple task. In the new Beneful ad, all of a dog’s favorite playthings are put to use to set a series of events in motion that will ultimately end up with a bag of dry dog food being tipped over and filling a bowl so one of the ad canines can eat.
The ad starts with a ball and one dog and ends with several balls and several dogs chasing them. In between the balls are a Frisbee cans and boxes of Beneful. The message of ‘Play, It’s Good For You’ is clear from the beginning of the ad until the end. The product being promoted is also clear from beginning to the end.
The Beneful line of dog food will help promote good health and strong bone and muscle development in dogs throughout their lifetime. With special formulas designed for every stage of a dog’s life, including the times when Fido may put on a few extra pounds and need to reduce his caloric intake.
With a complete line of wet and dry food, plus dog treats, Beneful provides the fuel for dogs of any age to able to get up and play. Each variety provides wholesome ingredients that you can see and identify. Real food bits are in every bite: carrots, peas, green beans and rice are just a few of the ingredients in the Beneful line. Real meat, not meat byproducts, are also are the main ingredient in the 20 wholesome food varieties consumers can choose from. Balanced nutrition packed with ingredients that are rich in omegas and antioxidants to help keep your dog healthy.
The variety of dog treat flavors are baked and provide even more tasty nutrition for your furry friends.
As the Dog Goldberg Machine ad shows us that play is good for the dogs, the underlying message is that playing with our dog is good for us too. Creativity and activity can be inspired by owning a healthy and happy dog. Just ask how many hours of creativity went into filming the new Beneful commercial and you’ll discover just how inspiring those dogs were.

Building a Team Like the Atlanta Hawks


For many years, the Atlanta Hawks were one of the worst franchises in the NBA. There were even some people that thought the Hawks should move cities due to a lack of fan support. Whenever an NBA is lacking fan support, their financials are going to suffer as a result. At the end of the day, the entire purpose of having a professional sports team is to win games for the fans and make money for the team. A little over ten years ago, Bruce Levenson was able to purchase the Atlanta Hawks. Not only has he done a great job in turning the Hawks around, but his work is a great example of how one person can make a huge impact on a city that loves its sports. There are few teams that have had the turnaround that the Atlanta Hawks had in such a short period of time.


With any NBA team, there are a lot of fixed costs involved in running the team. Not only do you have to pay for a place to play in the city, but the player salaries are also a huge burden. If fans are not willing to pay to come see the games, this means that NBA teams can actually lose a lot of money. This becomes a cycle as teams have less money to spend on their players, fans continue to lose interest and the cycle continues. Bruce Levenson knew that in order to change this cycle he would have to bring in some top talent over time. Anyone that knows sports can understand how difficult this can be. However, this is a good lesson that in order to succeed over the long term a person must be willing to invest in their business.


For the Atlanta Hawks, getting their fans excited about their NBA team was a challenge. However, once they started to produce on the court it became much easier. There is a saying in sports that winning cures everything. If fans know that their team is going to win, they are much more likely to spend the money on tickets to watch their favorite team play. This was one of the keys in getting the Atlanta Hawks franchise turned around for Bruce Levenson.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a great example of the impact that one person can make in turning around a company or a business. Through his vision and leadership, he was able to turn the Atlanta Hawks team from one of the worst in the NBA to one of the best. However, this did not happen in a short amount of time. Bruce Levenson had a plan from the beginning and was determined to execute this plan over the long term. Anyone that needs to turn around a company or business should read in to the work of Bruce Levenson with the Atlanta Hawks. His life is an example of how to be an effective leader.

Contributing to Wikipedia the Right Way

Wikipedia is one of the most important websites that the internet has ever seen. The open source collaborative encyclopedia has been functioning for over a decade by the time of this writing and it has accrued millions of pages of data. As the first stop for most people when they are looking for information, Wikipedia owes it to its visitors to provide them with quality information. Being an open source initiative the website is run entirely by volunteer editors. These editors contribute to the website thanks to their love of knowledge or obsession with factual editing. No matter the reason for editing Wikipedia there are many small rules that need to be followed. Let’s take a look at the ethics of editing Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is not completely comprehensive.
There is a mistaken thought going around that Wikipedia, lacking a physical reality, has room for anything and everything to be added to its database. This is simply not true. In order for content to be added to Wikipedia it has to meet several guidelines and standardized tests. Entries must adhere to the Notability Policy rendered by the Wikipedia owners and the content must be added by a neutral source. This means that writers should not be adding content about themselves to the Wikipedia.

However, if a Wikipedia writer does pass the Notability Policy then they can look into hiring a website like Get Your Wiki in order to add their content. Get Your Wiki is a Wikipedia writing service that complies with all of Wikipedia’s policies while adding content for their clients. So if a user feels like they meet the Wikipedia guidelines as a notable person then they can hire this service to add their page while fully complying with all of the Wikipedia rules and regulations.

Writers must be fully informed of guidelines.
As we’ve highlighted above there are many rules and guidelines bubbling beneath the surface of the Wikipedia world. In order for writers to adequately cover all of those rules and guidelines they must take time to learn the ins and outs of the website. In order to make this easier for users Wikipedia has compiled all of the required information into a document called the Manual of Style. Users are heavily pushed toward reading that Manual before trying to contribute to the core Wikipedia. The manual itself is comprehensive and thickly worded so time must be set aside in order to finish it.

Using The Skout Network Is Fun As Well As Entertaining

Using a dating application can be useful for someone who’s looking to find a partner that they can spend the rest of their life with. It’s a wonder if the only thing that can be done on a dating website is to date someone. A really good dating website will have social capabilities as well, so the person can enjoy themselves, outside of having to look for a date. Sometimes, it’s possible to find love when a person is simply socializing with others.

Anyone who’s gotten tired of the runaround when it comes to going to different social media networks should join the Skout network on twitter. Some people like to have one home where they socialize all the time, but there are people who love to be on many different social media networks. It’s always a good idea to choose one home when it comes to social media networks because it makes for less of a fuss when it comes time to socialize. It’s hard to imagine that a person may have thousands of friends on the Skout network, but they may also have many friends on other networks as well.

It’s a lot easier if a person chooses to settle down on the Skout network, especially since they can choose from hundreds of millions of other users. Anyone who joins the Skout network is not limited to finding someone in their local area. Although the Skout network has location information about others who may be close to a particular Skout user, Skout is also available in many different countries. Just imagine a network that has access to over 180 countries around the world. There are many different languages available on the network as well.

With all the people on the Skout network it makes it easy for two cultures to come together, and they can learn more about each other too. Those that are looking to travel to another country are in luck as well because Skout Travel has travel services for everyone. Skout Travel is a virtual travel service that anyone can access on the Skout network. It only costs 25 Skout points for a person to virtually travel to many places around the world. These destinations that are available are some of the hot spots that many people like to visit.

There are very few countries that are not in the Skout Travel destination guide, so there are many destinations to choose from. Once a person chooses the destination they want to go to, then they can see what the Skout Travel feature has to offer. It’s possible for the person to see all kinds of pictures and learn a lot of information about the place they are traveling to. It’s also a possibility for the person to meet someone wherever they virtually travel to, and this can come in handy in the future. Those who use the Skout Travel feature tend to take a real trip to the same destination in the future.

The World of Wireless

The world of wireless continues to create groundbreaking products. The days of bag phones and pagers are far behind as technology continues to furnish the fastest and most convenient devices for consumers. Although giants like Verizon and Comcast persistently dominate the wireless world, on the horizon begins the ascension of alternate wireless options through FreedomPop and Google’s Project Fi.
FreedomPop. FreedomPop arrived on the cellular scene in 2011. Paired with Sprint’s network, FreedomPop delivers free cell service to shoppers. Even with limited text and talk on the free service, the plans still deeply cut popular cell phone fees. With over nine million hotspots available, coverage is easily accessible. And for consumers that already possess a Sprint phone, the cell is already compatible with network use. New and refurbished phones are also available through the business. Along with its low-cost cell plan, the public can also purchase the Freedom Spot Overdrive; used as a mobile hotspot, it provides portable coverage for all networking devices.
Overseas Influence. The company relentlessly presses rivals by broadening its territory by providing service in Asia through Axiata mobile and the United Kingdom. In the U.K., coverage is outfitted with a free roaming SIM card coined the JetSetter. Expansion throughout France and Spain is slated in the near future. The JetSetter’s roaming ability makes it a big advantage for traveling Europeans. Using its financial savvy, the wireless provider secured millions of dollars to advance its electronic footprint as it continues to fund future ventures.
Project Fi. Even at the helm of the internet world, Google continues to take command and push the innovative envelope. Along with Google Voice, which offers free mobile service through an internet connection, it now challenges wireless carriers. In April 2015, the company began talks of its cell service entitled Project Fi. Partnering with T-Mobile and Sprint, the network primarily connects with the nearest free and open Wi-Fi hotspot, keeping consumer cost low. As an added bonus, consumer data is secured through a virtual private network for public hotspot use. Google’s Fi Basics plan starts at $20.00 monthly with unlimited talk, text, and no service contract. At this time, only the wireless phone Nexus 6 is compatible with the network while service areas are still limited.
Consumers applaud these advancements that provide flawless coverage, practicality, and ease of use. As technology continues to reach for greater efficiency, companies must advance alongside to remain competitive. But cell service providers may soon notice the monopoly has been replaced by economical network carriers like FreedomPop and Project Fi.

Dog Health Starts With Good Dog Food

What can be done to keep a dog healthy? What can be done to keep him or her from getting out of shape and in bad health? Well, there isn’t a simple trick to making sure that a dog is never unhealthy. Sometimes health problems happen, in animals as well as humans. That is just a fact that every pet owner is going to have to face. But, one thing that can be done for their dog to keep him or her healthy, is to start feeding them the best dog food right away. A good brand of dog food will make a big difference in a dog’s health, and if every dog owner realized that, then the majority of dogs would be a lot healthier than they are right now.
One brand that dog owners can trust to give their dogs food that will keep them healthy is Beneful. This brand is one that operates with a passion for dogs. They put out dog food that their employees would feel great about giving to their own dogs. They make sure to test all of their ingredients to make sure that they meet their quality standards, and they always put only the best of ingredients into their products. They make a dog food that dog owners can feel great about picking up from the store and dumping into their dog’s bowl. When a dog owner purchases from this brand they will have confidence in themselves and their decision.
Every dog owner should take the time to think about what they can to do better their pet’s health. Sometimes the best thing that they can do for their dog is something as simple as switching up the brand of food that he or she eats. This can make a huge difference in the health of a dog. It might not prevent all bad things from happening to them, but it is a good step in the right direction. When a dog is eating a good, healthy brand of dog food, he or she will be on the right path to living a longer, healthier life.

Doe Deere Knows Exactly Who She Is

When it comes to someone who has started their company from scratch, it is not very difficult to find a person that is entirely passionate about whatever it is that they do. This is easy to understand. After all, the people who build their companies from scratch have put a tremendous amount of work into their project. More often than not, spend a number of years trying to figure out exactly how to perfect their product and then they spend several more years trying to figure out how to successfully market it and build their own brand. When this much work is required, it is easy to understand why people become so passionate about their work.

For anyone that weathers the storm long enough to find success, it is not at all uncommon to find out a great deal about who they are as well. Without a doubt, building oneís own business and sticking with it will test a personís mettle in more ways than one. Those that are successful enough to come out on the other side of things usually emerge a very different individual and they were when they started.

One of the most unique individuals to come along in quite some time is Doe Deere. Some people know her under this name and others know her as Xenia, but almost everyone knows what she is all about. She is the developer of a popular up and coming cosmetics line known as Lime Crime. Many people absolutely love her, not to mention her cosmetics. As previously mentioned, she knows exactly who she is and what she wants out of her life. As such, she has practically taken the world of cyberspace by storm through social media.

Much of the chatter is about her line of cosmetics, but in reality, there is just as much talk about her as an individual. This is not difficult to understand when her level of business expertise is considered. She definitely knows what she is doing and she is changing the world of business one goal at a time.

Deere started building her brand many years ago. She wanted to create a line of cosmetics that was completely different from anything that is currently available on the market. As such, she has created a number of brightly colored hues that are different from anything else that is available. Her makeup is able to attract the attention of potential buyers for this very reason. Many people that purchase it began to see the business executive behind it all.

Deere is an individual that has a great deal of skill. While she is creative and talented at making her own line of cosmetics, she is equally talented when it comes to operating a business and understanding the way that business works on virtually every level. The reality is that she understands marketing, overhead and the factors that are related to production. These facts, coupled with her drive and determination, easily make her one of the most successful up and coming individuals around.

Taking control with Joseph Bismark


QI Managing Director Joseph Bismark is a business leader who understands there is more to life than simply the need to delegate work to those around him without ever getting his own hands dirty. I was impressed when reading a blog about Bismark on Citizen Shame by the fact this business leader is looking to lead from the front and not simply delegate to those who work for him. Entrepreneurs and businesspeople often have problems making sure they do not delegate too much responsibility and maintain their position as a leader in a n effective way.

Not so for Joseph Bismark, who I believe should stand as a beacon for all businesspeople who hope to make sure they lead a successful life that is balanced and in harmony with the world. Bismark excels in the business world in his position with the multi level marketing company QI, but also pushes the company forward in terms of philanthropy through the RHYTHM foundation the company created to help those in the areas they operate in across Asia. The expansion of QI has led to new business areas in India and different parts of Asia, which have set new challenges on different levels of business and philanthropy. Alongside making sure QI is socially responsible in its community based programs a switch to healthy and organic products also bears the hallmarks of the input of Joseph Bismark.

Andy Wirth: CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows


Andy Wirth is the Chief Executive Officer and President for Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resorts which is located in Olympic Valley, California. He began his career in the hotel industry when he went to work for Steamboat Springs Resort located in Colorado back in 1986. He started in marketing and has worked his way up to the highest position possible in the resort industry. 

Andy Wirth is more than the average CEO. He has even participated in the show “Undercover Boss.” His episode was aired in the show’s fourth season and is titled “Squaw Valley”. Wirth goes undercover to visit with several members of his resort’s staff and find out what their daily job is really like. In the end, Wirth was very generous in gifting the employees that he spent time with at the resort.

In October of 2013, Andy Wirth suffered from an almost-fatal skydiving accident. While out jumping in Lodi, California, the winds shifted and Wirth missed his drop point. He instead landed into a vineyard where his right arm was caught on a metal pole. His brachial artery was torn, but he managed to slow the bleeding while waiting for his fellow skydivers to find him. University of California, Davis operated on Wirth once he arrived and managed to save his arm. After having numerous surgeries and spending 50 days in the hospital, Wirth returned to his position as CEO at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.

Earlier this month, Andy Wirth was appointed as Chairman for the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. He was nominated by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority for the position. He has served as a board member on the Authority Board for several years prior. Wirth’s goal as the new Chairman is to work with the board to elevate the airport and bring in more travelers to the area. His experience in working with international resorts, as well as several different airlines, should help elevate the Reno-Tahoe Airport to the level that he is hoping for.