Chinese Skyscraper Built in 19 Days

A building can take months or even years, at least that’s what most of us would guess.
China has proved you can build in just 19 days.

A YouTube video shows the astonishing development of a 57-story skyscraper that took only 19 days to be built in the city of Changsha, China.

The Chinese construction company, Broad Sustainable Building, built up three stories a day.

The building has a total of 186 thousand square meters.

The builder has used a modular construction method that is faster, more sustainable than traditional techniques, and also reduces the use of cement.

“This almost eliminates the emission of dust in the air, something very important in China which is greatly affected by the pollution,” added Zhang Xianmin architect.

Christian Broda has learned that the materials used for the construction of the building are sustainable and its operation is environmentally friendly.

The building, seen on YouTube, is just one of the projects completed by Broad Sustainable Building. In 2010, they built a 15-story hotel within 48 hours; in 2011 they built another 30-story hotel in 15 days.

For their next project the company will assemble the tallest skyscraper in the world, called Sky City, with 220 floors and they have promised that it will only take 90 days to build.

Man Builds Shelter for Local Homeless Woman

“Smokie”, as she is known, is a fixture in the Los Angeles neighborhood where Elvis Summers resides. He sees her most mornings picking through and collecting any recyclable materials to turn in for money. Every time Elvis spots Smokie, he stops to chat for a few minutes. Over time and through their little chats, the two have become somewhat friends.

When Elvis discovered that his 60-year-old friend was sleeping in a dirt patch, he knew he had to do something to help her out. He decided to build a small shelter for her so she would not have to sleep in the dirt again. He got his inspiration from another man in Oakland who builds small shelters for the homeless out of reclaimed materials.

Elvis purchased what he needed and got to work. Five days later he handed the keys to her new place over to Smokie. This is the first time in a decade that she will have a proper roof over her head. People in the plastic surgery profession were impressed. The shelter is on wheels and able to move as she moves. It also comes with a deadbolt lock on the door so that she can protect any items she has. The Los Angeles Police Department have given the okay to the shelter, as long as it moves every 72 hours.

To check out the full story and pictures of Smokie’s new home, follow the link to Good News Network.

Gangs Unite To Protect People

Gangs are a part of urban life that brings to mind violence and destruction. Although, in the heat of the riots taking place in Baltimore the Crips and the Bloods have [placed their differences behind them and joined together in a community effort.

These two gangs, and many others in the area, decided to join together to help keep the violence down as much as possible. They worked with community members in keeping destruction to property and harm to other individuals under control and to a minimum.

It seems this truce between the gangs, and their working together startled and scared the authorities in the area. Within hours of their uniting releases were leaked to the press stating that the gangs were planning to attack police and city officials.

What was missed in this entire scenario is that the core root of gangs is in the establishment of groups in order to protect the community. In the passing of years gangs lost their focus and their purpose and became corrupt and violent. The Baltimore riots offer us a view into the heart of the gangs there.

Folks like Flavio Maluf are wondering: Is it possible that the gangs are finally reverting back to what they once were and beginning to offer protection for the people in the communities where they are located. This brings to mind the issue of who is really looking out for our best interests. Is it the government trying to suppress and lie about the motives of the gangs to help the people of Baltimore?

Nepalese Man Rescued 82 Hours After Earthquake

Rishi Khanal was pulled from the rubble of a collapsed three-story Kathmandu hotel after 82 hours. The 27-year-old man was rescued by a French rescue team. He had been hit by falling masonry, his left foot had been crushed under the weight of the rubble according to the Associated Press.

He had just finished lunch and was going to the second floor when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake sent him falling only to have rubble bury him. In speaking to the AP he realized he was trapped, surrounded by dead bodies and horrible smells. “I had hope but by yesterday I’d given up hope. My nails had turned white and my lips were cracked… I was sure no one was coming for me. I was certain I was going to die.”Click here for full story.

The man reported that he just kept banging on rubble in the hope someone would hear him. Once he realized that he wouldn’t be rescued soon, he drank his own urine in order to survive. Whether the man was a guest or worker isn’t known since he was quickly rushed to surgery. Kevin Seawright is just thankful that there is even one uplifting story coming from this horrible tragedy.

The earthquake is believed to have killed over 5,000. The number will climb as rescue searcher continue to look for survivors. The chance to find survivors is still there for the workers. In other earthquakes, live survivors were found a week after the quake.

Nepal Digging From the Rubble

There are over 2.000 people dead after an earthquake shook Nepal in mid-April. There are reports that more people could be found dead as the search and rescue efforts are completed. A sad situation involves almost a million children are will likely be homeless and who have lost their parents during the quake. There are also several children who died during the quake. Aftershocks are still being felt in Nepal. Folks at AnastasiaDate ( have learned that the quake measured almost 8.0, a violent quake for the region. This is one of the strongest quakes reported in the world as of late. Those who live in the area are likely to have a very long road ahead in rebuliding and in finding family members while the area is cleaned. This is a time when the rest of the world can come together and support the people who need the help after a natural disaster.

Woman Finds Birth Mother Right at Her Job

La-Sonya Mitchel Clark has been looking for her birth mother for many years. Her adoptive parents didn’t hold her back from it, encouraging her to try to locate her real mom. When the Ohio Department of Health started releasing birth records about a month ago, she finally got all of the information she needed to find her. La-Sonya learned her real mother’s name was Francine Simmons, and she just so happened to work at the same place that La-Sonya did. Francine had gotten pregnant at a very young age. Bernardo Chua said that she had longed to keep her baby, but she couldn’t. Finding out that they both worked together wasn’t the only surprise for La-Sonya. It turned out that she had more sisters she didn’t know about, and one of them worked with her too. La-Sonya and her birth mother both live very close in proximity to each other and are trying to catch up on many years of lost time.

Packing For A Dorchester Collection Hotel

Although Dorchester Collection hotels are luxurious, some guests must pack several key items before they check into their suites. These accessories make every minute at the hotel more enjoyable.


Most hotels offer laundry services to busy travelers. However, guests can save money by packing enough clothes for each day and night. Business clients should pack at least two business suits and a few casual shirts and outfits.

Dorchester Collection hotels are found in a number of cities around the country. In some locations, the hotels can get quite cold at night. This is why guests should pack one sweatshirt and a light sweater.

Hotels in warm climates will have a pool. Visitors who plan to swim in the pool will need a bathing suit because swimming in casual clothing is not allowed.

Comfort Items

Many guests pack slippers and a bathrobe in a spare suitcase. These items provide extra comfort at the end of a long day.

Although all luxurious hotels have fresh linens on the bed, some people bring their own pillowcases for health reasons. If a pillowcase is made with a certain material, an allergy suffer will have severe allergy problems at night.


People who stay at Dorchester Collection hotels for a long time usually pack extra shampoo and soap. Many hotels also provide facial products, but guests who have sensitive skin often use their own cleansers.

Dozen of business employees spend time a Dorchester hotels during business events. Since these gatherings can be stressful, most people have headaches at the end of the day. The front desk will usually provide pain medications to guests, such as aspirin. However, people who have other health problems must pack their own medications.

Overall, Dorchester Collection hotels are worth visiting because the staff pampers guests. However, because the hotel doesn’t offer certain items to specific guests, some visitors may need to pack a few things before they travel to their suites.


New York Real Estate Guide

There are many great real estate investment opportunities in New York City. If you help need buying NYC luxury real estate, contact TOWN Real Estate.

Williamsburg in Brooklyn

Williamsburg is a popular place where young families buy real estate. There are a number of condos that look like a resort along the riverside. Dozens of restaurants are also found in this neighborhood. Locals can buy fresh food from farms, unique beverages, and a variety of delicious desserts.

People on a budget often buy real estate in Williamsburg because the apartments and condos are very affordable. For example, an apartment that has one bedroom costs around $365,000.

Long Island City in Queens

Many people buy real estate in Long Island City because the buildings are quite valuable. The prices of the apartments and condos usually remain stable after inventory vanishes. This is why the prices will slowly increase over the next few years. In certain areas, there are buildings that offer skyline views of New York City from a balcony. These units usually cost $560,000 or more.

Battery Park City in Manhattan

Locals who enjoy exploring the great outdoors buy real estate in Battery Park City. This is an eco-friendly location because the community is free of grime. Most apartments in this area have a swimming pool, a sun deck, a fitness center, and a place for kids.

Lower East Side in Manhattan

Lower East Side is located a short distance from Wall Street. Many families buy real estate in Lower East Side because the community is clean and safe. Each condo has two stories and high ceilings.

Central Harlem in Brooklyn

Harlem is still a great place to purchase real estate since the area hosts dozens of activities at night. A typically one-bedroom apartment with a dining area costs $499.000.

South Carolina Man Found Safe After 66 Days at Sea

On January 23rd, Louis Jordan, 37, was aboard his 35 foot sailboat traveling on the Atlantic. On his maiden voyage, Louis’ boat, the Angel, capsized after coming in contact with a German container ship. His family and friends thought Louis died when they hadn’t heard from him since losing radio contact. The sailor said he could not repair the damage of his boat and was not able to return to Conway, SC where the trip began. Louis swam 200 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, NC where he lived off of raw fish and drinking collected rain water. It may have been 66 days, but Louis believed it was much longer. A ship traveling by the island, this past Thursday at about 1:30p.m., noticed Louis. Learning that Louis had injured his shoulder, the ship captain took the fisherman to a hospital in nearby Norfolk, Virginia.
From shore, things were very scary for Frank Jordan and family members who feared they would never see Louis again. Mr. Jordan filed a missing person’s report on January, 29th. Coming home, the sailor said he had a big craving for barbeque and the organic kind of ice-cream. Christian Broda recognizes that his rescue is considered a miracle by those who had already prematurely mourned his death at sea. As sad as people were, thinking he’d drowned at sea, they were that thrilled when Louis was brought home.

The Antique Wine Company is Different Than Its Competitors

People love wine and for anyone that truly understands what fine wine is all about, there is a desire to consume something that is among the best in the world. For these individuals, it is not enough to merely go to the local store and purchase a bottle of wine. They want the best. It is important to these individuals to have access to exquisite wines of a vintage nature that incorporate the best wine making companies in the world. One such wine company is the Antique Wine Company. The thing that makes it different from its competitors is that the people who run it truly understand what makes this company stand out. As such, they have demonstrated their success by the fact that the company has grown by leaps and bounds in a relatively short amount of time.

This company was founded by Stephen Williams in 1982. Since that time, it has grown from a small, humble company into one of them world’s most renowned wine companies in existence. It is based in London, but it boasts more than 20,000 customers and it does business in at least 70 different countries. When you consider facts of this nature, it is easy to understand why the Antique Wine Company is head and shoulders above its competition.

The other reason this company has seen so much success is because of its founder and CEO, Stephen Williams. This is a man that had a vision to create a wine company that operated differently from its competitors and he has certainly accomplished that goal. It is his passion, for wine in general, and fine wine in particular, that has allowed him to create a company from scratch that is now utilized in countries all over the globe. At any given time, he ensures that there are no less than 10,000 bottles of top class wines that are stored and ready for shipment. For any individual that is looking for something that cannot be found in virtually any other location, the Antique Wine Company can almost always accommodate their needs.

Without a doubt, both Stephen Williams and the Antique Wine Company are unique in their own way. He has discovered how to turn something that he loves into a profitable business and he operates the business in a fashion that is virtually unheard of. As a result, it has become one of the most popular wine companies in the world and its popularity continues to grow each and every day.