The New Ban on Selfie Sticks

The selfie stick, the new and innovative way to take the perfect selfie with a large group or with large surroundings. What better place to bring a selfie stick to then Disney World if it wasn’t for the fact that there has been a new ban put on selfie sticks from entering the park. For safety reasons, this new product will need to be left at the entrance of the park so that it does not accidentally hit someone when it is being used.

This gadget was originally banned on the themed rides, however, due to many safety concerns, this device has been banned from the Disney theme park altogether. People at Boraie Development have learned that this new ban in the park will start with the United States with Hong Kong and Paris following close behind.

Although this device can give someone a great vantage point, allowing for a better photo taking angle, the selfie stick can also cause possible injuries which altogether should be avoided. The long sticks can also mess with some of the mechanisms of the park such as the carriage rides which are one of the main attractions of the park.

The Disney theme park is not the only place that will ban this stick. This stick has been banned from a number of football clubs as well as the National Gallery. This new ban will come into play immediately. No one should bring a selfie stick to these places with risk of having it taken away.

Selfie Sticks Exiled From The Magic Kingdom

One may think of Disney entertainment destinations like Walt Disney World as among the most welcoming and accommodating places on the planet. In many ways these places live up to that reputations. But Skout says that in the case of tourists toting selfie sticks, the Mouse has decided to just say no to those.

Safety concerns over handheld extension poles more commonly known as selfie sticks caused Disney to opt on the side of caution. The ban at Disney’s US-based parks began today and its tourist destinations in Hong Kong and Paris follow suit tomorrow.

Disney’s corporate ownership likely wants to avoid the potential for harm or damage along with any possible litigation such incidents could create. Unwitting travelers who bring selfie sticks to a Disney park will be asked to secure them in lockers and retrieve them when leaving for the day.

Safety will be the most commonly cited issue related to the selfie stick ban. However Disney also operates a lucrative photography business within its parks. Thrill ride photos and photographers fulfilling Disney’s Memory Maker program compete with the free opportunities offered by selfie stick-wielding tourists.

Fast & Furious Gets A Universal Theme Park Ride

Universal Studios is not only synonymous with producing movies. Universal Studios is also a name associated with an extremely fun theme park. Not surprisingly, Universal produces rides at the park that tie-in with movies made by the company. Fast & Furious – Supercharged is a newest movie-theme ride fans can check out when they visit the park. UnofficialNetworks suggests that the ride definitely has an authentic feel to it. The top stars from the Fast & Furious franchise are all present in the visuals.

Top stars Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and the late Paul Walker are all featured in the ride. The presence of Walker is somewhat bittersweet. While it is great to see him honored for his role in the Furious films, the appearance is a sad reminder of his tragic auto accident death.

The ride itself seeks to recapture all the fun and adventure of the chases and racing in the Furious films. The average attendee of a theme park never jumped from the roof of a speeding train to the roof of a speeding car. That job is best left to highly trained stunt people. A theme park ride is the next best way (and totally safest approach) to experience the thrills of what you see on the big screen.

Universal is home to a host of other movie-related theme rides. Fast & Furious – Supercharged is just the newest. It also may prove to be the most popular. Or does the studio have a Jurassic World ride in mind? Maybe dinosaurs can top car chases in the popularity department. Both Furious 7 and Jurassic World pulled in $1 billion for Universal. Why not give them both theme rides?

There Are Many Available Women On Anastasia Date

When it comes to dating, some people only think about specific websites which allow them to date. Online dating is nothing new, and it’s been around for many years now. Many people are accepting of dating online, and for some people, that’s the only way that they know how to find a date. Anyone who is sick and tired of the local dating scene, and they want to find a woman that is exotic, unique, and overseas, they should join Anastasia Date. Anastasia Date is a website that allows men to find beautiful women in different countries.

It’s well known that beautiful women are not gathered in only one country, but there are many gorgeous women that can be found anywhere in the world. The problem is, some men may prefer a beautiful woman from another country, as opposed to the women they may find in their own homeland. There’s nothing wrong with wanting something new, the problem is, how to find the woman the man is looking for. Anastasia Date can easily help any man to find the gorgeous international woman of their dreams. No need to sit and search from website to website looking for that special woman, only make one stop on Anastasia Date.

The Anastasia Date website has thousands of women available at any given time, and all of them are looking for men from the USA to call their own. The men who are on the website, they are also looking for international women to get into a relationship with, and to possibly get married to. Finding a woman on Anastasia Date is as easy as signing up for an account, so why wait any longer? Join Anastasia ate today, and start by opening up a profile. The profile will consist of all the information a man wants a woman to know about himself. Make sure to add pictures because the more pictures a woman is able to see of a man, the more likely she is to be interested.

Any man who is seriously looking to find a woman on the Anastasia Date website, he needs to add a lot of pictures and a good profile. Men who join Anastasia date should also talk about themselves, their private life, and what they like to do. The more information that’s given to the woman who they are seeking out, the more likely they are to find the woman that is perfect for them. Let Anastasia Date be the starting point for a new relationship with a woman from a different country.

Bear In The Feeder

It’s something many of us have been all too familiar with. We put up a bird feeder, stuff it full of seeds, and hope that those who it’s intended for – the birds, actually get to enjoy the fest. More often than not, they don’t because other pests get to it first! Typically, people see squirrels raiding their bird feeders to get to the tastey treats. One couple in Marathon County in Wisconsin noticed quite the shocking site! A site that’s a lot bigger and more dangerous than squirrels.

According to Reddit, a couple in Marathon County in Wisconsin caught a bear trying to clean out their bird feeder on camera! The bear was quite the creative one, and so the lady doing the filming said that’s why she wasn’t terribly angry that he ate all the bird food. The bear was unable to reach the feeders in order to get the food out. Instead, he swiped them both loose and he consumed everything!

The husband, Ricardo Guimarães BMG, said that their backyard really is no stranger to bears, and they felt comfortable filming because they were inside (check out the film on the couples blog: This bear was the first one to ever outsmart their feeding system. They are now planning on installing a new one that locks in case this bear ever comes back, or in case his friends get smarter.

In the mean time, it looks like birds will now have to add bears to the competition of predators trying to take their food.

Search for Escaped Convicts in Upstate New York Enters 10th Day Monday

The search for the two escaped convicted killers who managed to escape from Clinton Correctional Facility in Upstate New York has now entered its 10th day on Monday. The trail of where the two men so far has been cold, with no new leads that law enforcement have been able to pick up. It is unclear where the suspects could have went or where they may be hiding. The prison was located no far from the Canadian border but it is highly unlikely that they were smuggled into Canada or managed to evade authorities at the border crossing.

Searches for the two men have expanded into the neighboring state of Vermont. Schools in nearby towns have been closed and have only recently reopened due to the escape of the prisoners. Over 800 law enforcement officials are now actively pursued in trying to find the escaped killers from the Clinton Correctional Facility in Clinton County, New York. New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has admitted the two man could be in Mexico by now. Still the search for them in Upstate New York presses on.

Despite no new leads of David Sweat and Richard Matt, there has been a breakthrough in the investigation into how they escaped. Insiders at The Aspire New Brunswick say the prison employee that supervised them in the tailor shop where both convicts worked admitted that she planned on driving their getaway car. She failed to drive the getaway car at the last moment after changing her mind. Joyce Mitchell is now accused of helping the two killers escape and is in police custody. She has said that she has no idea where the two escaped convicts could be or where they planned on going.

The Second Worst Thing to Being Dead May Be Getting Erroneously Declared Dead

There are various ways in which the U.S. government may affect our lives. This may come in the form of it passing laws that affect certain individuals. Sometimes, with the stroke of a pen, a substance can be outlawed, and people who worked for a company selling it suddenly need to find a new job. If you have ever been the target of a tax audit, then you know this is another way it can detrimentally affect you. There is another way in which the federal government can adversely affect people’s lives. This involves declaring people dead when they are not.

The U.S. Social Security Administration maintains what is called the death master file. Sam Tabar mentioned to that because it issues social security cards to all Americans and there may be various government benefits tied to the number on those cards, they are required to keep track of when people die. Sometimes, through a clerical error, a person who still has a pulse and perhaps even a spring in their step is erroneously declared dead. It has been revealed that about 12,000 people a year are declared “dead,” and for them, this can be a living hell. Heaven help them if they are dependent on a government check for their very survival because those will stop coming for at least a couple months while they straighten this mess out. With almost 3 million Americans dying each year, the error rate is less than 1 percent, but to those who are declared dead even this rate is too high.

No Children On Alcohol Labels In NH

Underage drinking is something that is taken quite seriously in the United States, as there have been many problems with people under the age of 21 going out and getting drunk and not behaving responsibly about it. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater, the state of New Hampshire is working on a new law that would prevent the image of children from being posted onto any drinking label of beer or anything related to alcohol.

It all got started when a bar owner noticed that a certain stout had a image of a baby on the front of the beer picture and it was thought to be very inappropriate. So, James Dondero is aware there is going to be a new law in the state that will forbid them from putting underage minors anywhere in association with alcohol. This was a topic that came up recently when Ben and Jerry’s made a ice cream flavor that had the word “ale” in it and people thought that it would encourage youngsters to drink alcohol because it was in a ice cream treat. I don’t know about that, because there have always been things like that around but the company was heavily criticized. Personally I think that it really isn’t that big of a problem because I am not too sure how many kids analyze these things and assume that it means they should drink beer.

Brazen Thieves Steal Copper from NYC Train Rails

In a brazen middle-of-the-night heist, thieves made off with 500 feet of copper cable, from the New York City transit line.

The MTA was forced to suspend service, which left 100,000 commuters stuck in a slow crawl, as workers repaired the severed cable.

“This theft is economy-driven,” said the Commander of NYPD’s Transit Bureau, Joseph Fox.

Decades ago, Copper sold at approximately 80 cents a pound, and today, it hovers around $3 dollars a pound. Thieves are lured by quick cash, and no questions asked.

Police estimate, in this latest heist, thieves probably fetched about $4,500

In the last few years, thieves have hit San Francisco’s BART rail, in three different counties, and the Long Island Railroad in New York. In 2013, 70,000 pounds of copper cable was removed from tracks in Seattle.

Police won’t comment if they believe last week’s heist was an inside job, but Boraie Development LLC has been made aware that particular stretch of track has no cameras.

Many state leaders are proposing legislation to deter scrap metal thefts, but until then, copper is proving tempting to thieves.

Chinese Skyscraper Built in 19 Days

A building can take months or even years, at least that’s what most of us would guess.
China has proved you can build in just 19 days.

A YouTube video shows the astonishing development of a 57-story skyscraper that took only 19 days to be built in the city of Changsha, China.

The Chinese construction company, Broad Sustainable Building, built up three stories a day.

The building has a total of 186 thousand square meters.

The builder has used a modular construction method that is faster, more sustainable than traditional techniques, and also reduces the use of cement.

“This almost eliminates the emission of dust in the air, something very important in China which is greatly affected by the pollution,” added Zhang Xianmin architect.

Christian Broda has learned that the materials used for the construction of the building are sustainable and its operation is environmentally friendly.

The building, seen on YouTube, is just one of the projects completed by Broad Sustainable Building. In 2010, they built a 15-story hotel within 48 hours; in 2011 they built another 30-story hotel in 15 days.

For their next project the company will assemble the tallest skyscraper in the world, called Sky City, with 220 floors and they have promised that it will only take 90 days to build.