Escape To London

London is one of those cities that most people want to visit at least once in their lives. Like any big city there is a concern about cost. The dilemma faced by many vacationing newcomers is that of finding the most affordable hotel that will still allow them to experience the city in its renowned glory. Some choose to take a more budget friendly path and make use of the city’s many fine youth hostels. There are also lovely bed and breakfasts housed in historic buildings. Prices run the gamut and the surfeit of choices can be overwhelming. There is another option that is gaining in popularity. As with a growing number of things in our modern age the internet has stepped up to widen the field. Many travelers are now using online services to find vacation rentals when they travel to a metropolis like London. Instead of an impersonal hotel or a crowded hostel the savvy tourist can rent an apartment in the city on a short term basis. The growing number of people utilizing these types of rentals are often thrilled over the comfort, privacy, and convenience they offer.
Services such as WorldEscape make it a painless and user friendly experience. A venerable presence in the market, the company started its first vacation rental site in the year 2000. There are many more competitors on the market in the present day but WorldEscape brings extensive experience to the table. They have a number of apartments available in London of various sizes and with a variety of amenities. Another advantage of choosing an apartment vacation rental over a more traditional tourist experience such as an hotel or bed and breakfast is immersion. An apartment vacation rental is not a business designed for tourists. The apartments are in neighbourhoods where the locals live. The residences are not surrounded by tourist traps and restaurants that no dweller of the city would ever eat it. Instead the renter is able to go where the locals go, eat where the locals eat, and enjoy the metropolis in an entirely different way than they would have with a typical tourist trip.
In this new and booming industry it is the companies that make the customer experience painless that excel. The harried tourist doesn’t want to waste time trying to figure out the ins and outs of a new website. WorldEscape is a prime example of simplicity being ideal. New customers simply enter the city they’re travelling to, the dates they plan to stay, and how many guests will be staying in the residence. If a traveller wants to get more specific that’s an option as well. WorldTraveler allows individuals to filter by neighbourhood, number of rooms, and number of bathrooms. Each property listing gives the curious browser information on the neighbourhood, apartment amenities, and maximum number of guests. The well lit pictures allow the curious individual to make a decision with every possible advantage.
There is an exciting age dawning in the tourism industry. All over the world people are beginning to experience new ways of travelling. Tourists are not merely staring in awe at a handful of historical artifacts, they are also immersing themselves in a culture they would otherwise have never experienced. They are seeing cities in manners they could never have imagined. They are bringing money to local businesses and taking away new heights of pleasure. Vacation rentals combine the excitement of travel with the convenience and comfort of staying at home.

The Many Benefits of Beneful Aren’t Found In Just One Bag

Purina’s groundbreaking dog food Beneful has gotten a lot of attention in the media and elsewhere, for many good reasons. Beneful is of course the affordable, nutritious dog food with a special blend of grains, meat, and vegetable products. But what many consumers might not know is that this brand is now available in a variety of recipes. Each of these have been carefully selected by Beneful to provide the maximum in diet and other health benefits for dogs.

Beneful Healthy Weight Low Calorie Dry Dog Food

Jut as humans struggle with weight issues, canines now deal with too little activity and too many calories. This recipe offers all of the nutritional benefits of the original formula. But with 10% percent fewer calories, it helps dogs maintain a lean, healthy muscle mass.

Beneful Healthy Puppy Dry Dog Food

All babies have unique nutritional needs that can’t be meant by an adult diet, and dogs are no exception. Young canines should be fed only a special “puppy formula” food for the first full year of their life. Beneful has these pups covered with a specially formulated dry food that is rich in calcium, DHA, and other nutrients that assist in brain and vision development.

Beneful Chopped Blends Wet Dog Food

There are benefits to feeding both wet and dry foods to your pets. The benefits of wet food include easier digestion for infirm pets, and less dental stress for aging ones. And sometimes a pooch just likes the novelty of a stew-like prepared meal, which this recipe certainly provides with an appetizing mix of meat, vegetables, and grains. The Chopped Blends recipe comes with six different meal options.

Beneful Playful Life Dry Dog Food

Protein is needed to provide the energy for a active dog’s life style. And this Beneful recipe on Facebook contains plenty of beef and egg for extra energy, plus all of the other nutrients necessary for many years of active living.

Beneful Healthy Smile Dental Ridges Dog Treats

Just like humans, canines benefit from dental care. But it can be challenging to get dogs to agree to regular brushing. This dry treat can help by reducing buildups of tartar and plaque on dogs’ teeth. Its parley ingredient freshens breath as well, making those doggie kisses even more pleasant. And its meat taste helps to insure that this is pet maintenance that the pet won’t try to avoid.

Enjoy Fabulous London Vacation Rentals From LondonEscape

London has long been one of the world’s centers of commerce and industry. Since ancient times when Romans made this area one of their home bases, the city has thrived as people have come here in search of many things including a fortune, a chance to interact with others from around the world or just the opportunity to view one of the world’s greatest societies up close and in person. Travelers today still marvel at this city and the many ways they can explore the city’s vast center as well as the many alleyways that lead to other parts of the region.

Those who are staying here will want to make sure they have the right kind of accommodations for their needs. They will also want to make sure they are able to enjoy the chance to live in the heart of London as they plan a vacation to this part of the world. The right kind of accommodations can make it far easier for anyone to be able to enjoy this city and all that it has to offer any visitor. Someone who traveling here wil want to work closely with those who can provide them with such access.

This is why many have found it delightful to work with LondonEscape. LondonEscape is a company that offers their clients easy access to many kinds of accommodations in the heart of the city of London. Those who choose to work with this company will find that doing so enables them to be able enjoy a comfortable retreat from bustling city life and yet also lets them explore the entire city in depth.

Many people have been pleased to discover just how the company can help them locate the ideal accommodations for their needs. Working with the company is easy and requires little effort on the part of the traveler. Many travelers are happy to realize that company staffers know a great deal about London. Such staffers can help any traveler figure out what kind of accommodations are just right for their aims and plans as well as which particular travel arrangements might also allow them to explore other parts of the island nation and even let them see parts of nearby mainland Europe.

Doing so can make anyone’s traveling plans much easier and enable them to be able to enjoy the world of London even more. The right kind of travel can also allow the traveler to relax as they have done much of their planning in advance and avoided the need to make arrangements last minute. Any traveler can be assured they will accommodations just waiting for them once they get here and start their fabulous London vacation here.

Chicago’s Finest Hedge Fund Manager

Although it may seem that breaking into a financial industry is not difficult, the truth is that there are other things that are more important when it comes to success in this industry. Many businessmen are aware of the fact that carving out a successful business career can be quite tough. This means that one would need intelligence, discipline, and a lot of patience. Sometimes it takes many years to settle in different positions, and most people do not end their careers in the positions in which they started to work. Ken Griffin, one of the richest people in this industry, managed to combine all this, and this is why people admire him so much.

Kenneth Griffin: the CEO of Citadel
As the CEO and founder of Citadel group, Mr. Ken Griffin has a lot to tell when it comes to managing one of the most successful companies. Citadel was founded in 1990, and now the company represents one of the most important financial institutions, which includes Citadel, Citadel Technology and Citadel Securities, as one of the leading providers in capital markets in the United States.

Ken Griffin on wikipedia has managed to assemble his team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, thanks to whom Citadel now manages $26 billion in capitals, which means that the company’s business is brought to even a higher level . Although Citadel experienced a financial crisis a few years ago, Mr. Griffin managed to rebuild its value, and he is now thinking about bringing back the hedge fund. After that, Citadel managed to perform very well, which can be visible in its hedge funds that showed returns in more than 11 % range of fees.

As Mr. Ken Griffin is on top of the hedge fund world, an IPO is something that he has always wished to attain. Even after the financial crisis of Citadel, Kenneth Griffin continued to express his interest in IPO, and this now seems more plausible, so his next step might bring back this hedge fund.

Kenneth Griffin: a financial supporter of Harvard University
Finance is not the only field Mr. Griffin is interested in. Besides this, he is also committed to educational causes. For instance, he financially supports the University of Harvard, where he got his degree. He donated a lot of money in order to help many needy students to continue their education. Because of his contribution to this university, the Financial Aid Office of the university was renamed in his honor.

There was a gathering outside the university, where students and many university leaders thanked Kenneth Griffin for his generous donation. He hopes that the donation will help many students to achieve their goals, which was not possible many years ago. Now, more than 60 % of students will have a financial support, which is one of the biggest steps in the educational field.

To conclude, the achievements of billionaires such as Kenneth Griffin have always inspired people to pursue the same career, or to run their business using the same strategies. However, this is not enough, and one will need a lot of patience and energy to endure all possible challenges.

Visiting London And Finding The Best Rental Spots

London can be a great place to visit. There are a lot of things to do, but it can be even better when you know where you want to stay while you are there. London Escape is the best possible website for this type of excursion away from home. There are some interesting options for people that are trying to come to London for an extended vacation. The great thing about London Escape is that this site offers information on extended stay spots. This makes it easier for people to enjoy the full amenities of an apartment that will fill more like home. People that get the chance to reserve these accommodations will have access to full kitchens and bigger lounging areas.

London Escape has been around for a long time, and this site provides an array of lodging options for tourists. This has become one of the best ways for people to find different spots in accordance with the area of London that they plan to visit. Visitors that are coming to London can find anything from a Bed and Breakfast deal to a short term apartment rental. People that are planning to stay for several days or more should certainly consider what London Escape offers for tourists. This is a website that gives multitudes of people access to the best accommodations that London has to offer.

Some people that come to London may decide to rent a flat while they are visiting. It really just depends on the number of people that are planning to go on vacation together. There are apartments that will be good for 1 or 2 guests, but there are others that are geared towards as many as 6 guests. There are places like Notting Hill and Buckingham Palace that are very popular with visitors. People that are coming to London will find out that there are a lot of places that they can stay in the city of London. The London area has become a hot tourist attraction so many people may think that this is an expensive place. With London Escape people will be able to find a plethora of different spots that will fit their price range. This is why so many people are visiting London. They are finding that hotels are not the only options for visiting and vacationing in the London area. It is a very nice vacation area.

The Life Of North Korean Defector Yeonmi Park

The people of North Korea currently live under a totalitarian, oppressive regime. Currently, it is very difficult for a citizen of North Korea to be able to leave the country. Those who try to defect from the country are often caught, and many of these people have been killed by the government. However, Yeonmi Park was able to successfully escape the regime. She currently has citizenship in South Korea, North Korea’s neighbor to the south. 

Yeonmi Park’s view of North Korea was altered by watching a film from Hollywood, Titanic to be specific. At the time, her father was incarcerated in a North Korean work camp on charges of “illegal trading”. Once her father got out of the work camp, Park and her father made the decision to escape the oppressive regime.

The escape was made by hiring smugglers to get Yeonmi and the rest of her family across the border into China. Once they got into China, they lived there for around two years. Then, they attempted to get into Mongolia. However, this did not work out well. They were jailed when they got there by border guards. However, they were luckily able to leave Mongolia after a period of months. At this point, they were able to go to South Korea and become citizens. 

Yeonmi Park has done a great deal of work with human rights. She is very vocal about the atrocities that have been committed by the North Korean government. This likely has helped to show others in North Korea the fact that the North Korean government is exceptionally oppressive. However, the North Korean government is very much on a campaign to make sure that their citizens do not believe individuals like Yeonmi.

In addition to the smear tactics that they use, the North Korean government has even used violence against defectors. Yeonmi Park also gave a very powerful talk at the Dublin One World conference. This speech became very widely known, and it has received many views on the internet. 

Yeonmi Park is a strong believer that North Korea could change. She also feels that her and other defectors play a big role in this process. As more defectors tell their stories, more North Koreans are likely to see the atrocities of North Korea for what they are.

This will likely even encourage more individuals to defect from North Korea. She feels that if the government is one day no longer so oppressive, the country will grow and prosper. She also is a major advocate for prosecution of the current leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. Hopefully, her dreams for the future of North Koreans can come true. 

North Korea is an oppressive regime that is extremely difficult to escape from. However, there have been a few people who have done it. Those who have are a source of inspiration for numerous North Koreans who are still in the country. Yeonmi Park’s story is extremely eye opening and shows the world what it is truly like to live in North Korea. Yeonmi and other defectors are and will be a major part in the process to try to change conditions in North Korea.

Bernardo Chua: Business Owner and Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

Wikipedia shows Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO of Organo Gold gourmet coffee and tea company. His expert guidance and knowledge has catapulted this company from a humble three-man business to a leading worldwide distributor system of thousands of individual partnerships, all dutifully outlined on his website. He answers the need of coffee and tea lovers all over the world by offering a healthy alternative using the herb ganoderma lucidium.

This herb is derived from the reishi mushroom found in Asia. Taking this natural ingredient improves blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It also reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, and increases life span.

Growing up in the Philippines, Bernardo (or Bernie as his friends on Facebook call him) was familiar with the herb and its many health benefits. He was one of the first entrepreneurs to successfully infuse this herb in beverages and market it worldwide. He started his company in 2008 with headquarters in British Columbia. He has adhered to the strict guidelines for testing and manufacturing of his product that makes the item better and more appealing to customers.

Since then, he has opened branches in 38 other countries including United States, Australia, Jamaica, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, France, Germany, Greece and Italy just to name a few. Branches were also opened just this year in Colombia, Vietnam, Romania and Turkey where coffee has been part of their national heritage since the 15th century.

Organo Gold has grown to where it is today thanks to Bernardo’s vision, that he’s always outlined in SlideShare PDFs, and implementation of a direct sales distribution system. What better way to promote his line of healthy beverages and daily products like soap, toothpaste and vitamins than by welcoming independent distributors all across the world. Their training is based on the principles of the Think and Grow Rich publication by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

The company has more than 400,000 independent distributors and boasts of sales of more than $200 million per year. Organo Gold is the 55th largest network marketing company in the world and offers a generous compensation plan for its distributors. Bernardo’s professional vision of improving lives through better health is also the goal of his global network of distributors.  Make sure to keep watch on Bernardo’s Vimeo, where he posts the odd inspirational speech.

Earth Force GoFundMe Fundraiser: Enabling the Youth of Today to Prepare for Tomorrow

Jon Urbana is not only a humanitarian and successful business developer, he possess a drive and passion that is difficult to match. We learned through his page that Jon received a variety of awards during his high school years, for his talent playing the game of lacrosse.

In 2011, Jon took this talent to the next level, founding Next Level Lacrosse Camp, where Colorado talented lacrosse players can enhance their skills through interactions with some of the best professional lacrosse players. Urbana’s camp offers a variety of services including lessons, clinics, and competitive games between lacrosse teams in the area. Next Level Lacrosse focuses on development of the talents of young players encouraging them to reach their full athletic potential. Urbana has taken his passion and love for lacrosse and developed a positive environment, where others can share this same passion and love of the sport with young talented players.

To sweeten the deal, he also dishes out free advice on Facebook and corresponds with all campers on Twitter (follow him at jonurbana1) should they need any extracurricular training tips. And these videos he’s made on Vimeo are all worth watching.

The best way to reach Urbana is through his website at, where all inquiries will go straight to him. You can also connect with Urbana on LinkedIn and follow him on CrunchBase to keep up with the latest news in his life.

Urbana is also a talented certified pilot, earning him inclusion in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database. He has joined an elite group of recognized pilots, who have met or exceeded the high educational, licensing and medical standards established by the FAA. Urbana displays this same passion in his humanitarian efforts. He passionately supports causes that drive humane treatment of animals and invest in the young minds of today. Urbana recently initiated a Crowdrise fundraiser for cats to support a Denver no kill cat shelter. He has supported many causes on his road to success, and continues to bring attention to those that are important to him.

Urbana’s latest passion is the international non-profit organization Earth Force. He has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser for this worthwhile organization. Earth Force works to ignite passion among the youth of today to get actively involved in issues within their community. Through a variety of partnerships with other organizations, Earth Force guides young people within the community to have a positive impact on an issue facing the community. Involvement in their community teaches these young people leadership and decision making skills that will aid the in their future endeavors. Contributing to Urbana’s Earth Force GoFundMe will provide needed funding to prepare the youth of today to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

Urbana invites all of you to follow him on Instagram and Medium. He’d love to hear from you, especially if you’ve donated to Earth Force.

Why Should People Start Using Lime Crime?

If you have ever spoken to a young teenager or a woman that has put on some colorful makeup, there is a good chance they are a fan of the Lime Crime cosmetics line. This makeup company created by Doe Deere has opened up opportunities for countless women to express their personalities, showcase their beauty, and allowed for numerous people to get the makeup they so boldly want. Here’s just a couple of reasons on why I just love Lime Crime.

Why Should People Start Using Lime Crime?

– Cruelty-Free Makeup

What’s nice and unique about Lime Crime is the fact that they always go for a more cruelty-free makeup zone. They do not like having products that genuinely hurt animals or hurt the environment. It’s all about being kind to the face and to the world. Lime Crime loves to care for their clients and the world with their makeup, and you will come to find that the company has been changing lives in so a many ways because of their makeup. Their natural ingredients is what allows for everybody to look their best.

– Works For All Skin Types

Working for all kinds of skin types is not always that easy. Certain and specific brands can be harsh on your skin no matter how hard that you try. Skin types are always different, so it’s hard to know exactly which brands are kind to your skin. Not everybody has the same type of skin tone or type of skin, and Lime Crime continues to be different by offering makeup that fits almost everybody. Even the softest and most sensitive of skin types can use Lime Crime in their daily routine. Ah a person who has some very rough skin, Lime Crime has only done wonders for me.

– It’s All About The Color And Glitter

In the end, it’s all about who you look. You can have the right natural ingredients in a product, but if it doesn’t improve your appearance, then you’re losing out on looking your best. Color and glitter is what you mainly need if you want to start improving your appearance and make yourself look your best. Lime Crime is one of those makeup brands that really likes to showcase your look on Facebook with color and bright glitter. You can be sure that you will enjoy what you look like when you take on Lime Crime and start using them.

If you’re like most people, you will find that expressing yourself is always so much easier when you utilize your makeup. Countless people are enjoying themselves through the power of makeup. This company is one of the best in the world today. They know all about the world of makeup, colors, and skin sensitivity. Doe Deere is the creator of this brand, and she knows all about making yourself look your ultimate best. Lime Crime is definitely one of the best in the industry to provide you with unique products that anybody of any skin type can use.

Omar Boraie Supporting Cancer Research at Rutgers


A recent Newswise article reported that the Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The philanthropist has a background in chemistry and an interest in cancer research that spans many years. He has also been instrumental in developing New Brunswick into the “Healthcare City” that it is today.

The Omgar Boraie Chair was established as part of a fundraising campaign at the university of Rutgers to establish 18 research chairs. These chairs would require a donation of $1.5 million from a private individual which the university would then match in order to create a $3 million endowment. These endowments help to secure the funding of areas of research and none could be more worthy than genomic science.

The relatively new field of genomic science and precision medicine is researched at several cancer centers across the country, but Rutgers was one of its pioneers and is also the lone research university pursuing the topic in New Jersey. The field’s goal is to classify tumors and treat them on the genetic level. Instead of just prescribing general therapies which may or may not be effective in a given situation genomic science allows oncologists to direct individual therapies which have been shown to produce better outcomes.

The use of these individualized therapies has been especially useful in treating rare forms of cancer or patients with especially grim prognoses. Traditionally these patients may not have had much hope in successful treatment, however thanks to new research this is beginning to change. By fitting treatments to the cancer attacking these individuals at the most direct level possible researchers are able to more effectively combat the growth of tumors. This in turn gives great hope to the families of the patients and all those afflicted with different forms of cancer worldwide.